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If your a kid this page is for you to share your school tips and stories, if not this is not a good page for you. A story such as a fun field trip or tips that will heip in finashing your homework or tips for getting your class work done. If you have a good story or tip pleas E-mail me. Pleas put your name on the E-mail, you don't have too tho. If you have comets on my page pleas E-mail me as well. if you coment on my page I mint post the coment. If ther is a subjact you are havig troble with E-mail me and I will try to make a game on the subjact. I have 4 games so far. I have 1 Quiz so far. I would like to follow your progres on each quiz. So pleas will you log into the Session below, you will have to put your name on this quiz. Session password for Math Quizing is elizabeth's math quiz. Chek below for the games, quizes, and links. I have 3 links so far. (I can't spell very well, sorry if it's hard reading.)
#1 If you have prodlems in studying for a test, buy a pack of index cards. Write some relatv qushtions on them and use as flash cards. This tip always works for me.

#2 This tip is for note passing, I got it off a page wich asks one qushiton and post the answers. The tip is, if you have a note to pass fold the note into a paper airplane and throw to the resver. I have never tryed this tip but I think you should do this whene the teachers not looking.

#3 If you are taking a test it helps to put an idex card under the problem that you are on.
#1 In forth grad I had a fun teacher, she would make up all kinds of cool games. Once she took the class outsiad to the black top and played a game that had nothing to do with lerning. Her hasband came in and played some games with us that had nothing to do with lerning. On the last day of school she gave us all beach balls.

This is my comment to you. I can't make a very instrsting page without your ideas so tell me something to make my page beter!
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