le 11 septembre

Dear Travelers,

If you didn’t read my e-mail from this past weekend, please accept my apologies
for the late notice.

Mr. Bob Monahan, from Great American Opportunities, will be here today to kick
off our first fund raiser.   He will probably arrive at approximately 2:25 since is
coming directly from East High for a fund raiser there.

We will be selling items from a brochure.  As you may remember from past fund
raisers with this company (although we didn’t use them last year), there are
incentive prizes for selling.  I’ve spoken with Bob about the possibility of not
using such incentives in order to increase your personal profits.  (Remember,
100% of your profit goes to help pay for your trip.)  Please think about this
between now and this afternoon.

The presentation should last approximately 20 minutes.  Please attend!

Again, I’m sorry for the late notice.



PS  You’ll receive another update from me tomorrow.
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