Review Unit "Freunde" Project

Make a mini poster with a picture and information about a real or fictional friend or about a pet.  The information should be presented as complete sentences either in a paragraph or as a list of statements.  Your project should have a minimum of 10 sentences and each sentence should have at least one piece of information about your friend or pet.  You should only use language we have learned.

Some ideas for the kind of information you can provide include:
   - Name
   - Physical or personality descriptions
   - Age
   - Likes and/or dislikes
   - Favorite things like foods, colors, music, subjects, etc.
   - Hobbies or things s/he likes to do
   - Family information
   - Birthdate

First you will submit a draft of the written text that I will return with editing recommendations.  It must be double-spaced.  Your first draft is due next session.

You final draft must be word-processed or done in ink or marker and very neatly printed.  Your final draft will be due the class session after I return your first draft with editing recommendations.  Include a picture of your friend or pet with your final draft.

Here is an example of what your project might look like:

Er heißt Herr Quark.  Er ist klein und grün.   Er hat gelbe Augen und keine Haare.  Er ist sehr sportlich.  Er mag Wasser.  Er schwimmt gern.  Sein Lieblingsessen ist Fliegesuppe.  Herr Quark wohnt bei Frau Hill im Garten.  Er weiß nicht wo seine Mutter und sein Vater wohnen.  Er hat bestimmt mehr als fünfzig Geschwister. Wenn es regnet singt er mit seinen Froschfreunden zusammen.  Er hat im Juni Geburtstag.


Tissue Box Project                                                    
das Taschentuch,  ·· er   handkerchief
Tempo-Taschentücher  (brand name like "Kleenex")   


Decorate a box of tissues with German words, drawings, flags of the
German-speaking countries. etc. Be creative.  It's your project. It
must include some German words !  Decorate the 4 sides and the
top of the tissue box and put your name on the bottom of the box. 

This project is due on February 18.  


1. You turn in a box of tissues   25 points

2. You have decorated the box of tissues  max. 25 points

Creativity:  10 unique   7 average    5 nothing special  

15 very carefully done   12 okay     5 thrown together

3. You use at least 25 German words. Max 40 points 

Word count: 20 for 25 words or more   (subtract 1 point for every word below word count)

Spelling:  10 0-1 mistake  8 2-5 mistakes   5 6+ mistakes
10 very neatly done  8 adequate    5 minimum effort
4. DEADLINE  10 Points   
Your project is turned in on time.                 
Projects turned in late will receive zero points here.


"Menu" Project

Create a 5-Day menu plan for a family of 4.  The menu must include 3 meals and a snack.  It also must reflect German cultural practices.  Items used in the menu must be found on the shopping fliers provided in class.

Phase I of menu project - go through German grocery store flyers and list items you might use to create your menus.  Include item, unit price, and # of flyer.

Phase II - in German, discuss with group what foods should be eaten during which meals (click on "Project Page" under useful links for some sentences) Breakfast, lunch, and dinner MUST have something from each of the food groups on the German food pyramid.

Phase III - Create 2 posters. Large ones to represent the group and mini copies of the large so that each student turns in a poster in his or her own writing.  The student who prints out the large poster does NOT need to hand in a mini copy of that poster.
     One with a "Menu" for each meal.  Set it up as a grid with columns for mealtime and rows for days of week.  Within each box write out what the family will be eating. (Note: do not use brand names - say things like "potato salad," "roast sausages," "green beans" etc, in German, of course)
     One with a shopping list that will take care of what is needed for all the meals.  On the list, include how much of each item you need and the total cost for that amount.

Phase IV - Use other students posters to discuss meal and shopping plans

REMEMBER:  You will be getting three different grades for this project.
1 - Participation - determined by how well you stay on task
2 - Project - determined by the quality of the posters
3 - Test - how well you use German to get your work done

Useful sentences when planning your menus

Was können wir zum ____ essen?

Kannst du ____ finden?

Was schmeckt gut dazu?

Wir brauchen noch ____.

Wir haben noch kein_ ____.

Isst du gern ____?

Diese ____ sieht gut aus.

Das esse ich (nicht) gern.

Wir sollen nicht so viel ____ essen.

Wer isst gern ____ ?

Was sollen wir trinken?

Wir können auch ____ kaufen.

Wir brauchen ____ dafür.

Wieviel ____ brauchen wir?

Wieviel kostet ____ ?

Hast du ____ gesehen?

Wie sagt man ____ auf Deutsch?

3rd Quarter:

Description of Project:

Students will work in groups and individually to create a book that reviews various topics that have been covered in German since 6th grade.

Project Phases:

1) All students should review the list of possible page topics below and think about which ones they would most like to do.
2) Groups should discuss what combination of topics they might like to select.
3) Individuals select an available and appropriate topic.
4) Groups discuss what could be included on each individual's page.
5) Individuals create their first drafts.
6) Peer Review of first drafts
7) Individuals take recommendations of group and create a second draft.  Teacher reviews and makes final recommendations.
8) Each student produces a final page for publication.
9) Final Editing by teacher
10)Publication of Review Book.

Individual Requirements:

Create a page (4 1/4 X 5 1/2 inches) for publication.

Page must include:
- Printed text in German (based on selected topic)
- Learning tips
- Illustrations that help learning
- German name and class

Page must be:
- Well planned
- Neat
- Accurate
- Print ready

Group Requirements:
- Provide ideas and feedback to each group member
- Make sure each group member meets all individual requirements

List of Topics:

Conversation Topics (dialogs and vocabulary)

1. Meeting someone for the first time
2. School talk
3. Things you like to do
4. Where you live
5. Rooms in your house
6. Family
7. Likes and dislikes
8. Clothing
9. Making plans
10. Ordering food
11. Invitations
12. Helping around the house
13. Eating right
14. Health and Body
15. Shopping for gifts
16. Getting around town
17. Entertainment
18. Planning a party
19. weather

Things to know (examples and explanations)

20. question words
21. der, die, das, den, dem
22. pronouns
23. verb forms
24. stem-vowel changing verbs
25. seperable prefix verbs
26. spelling patterns
27. sein
28. verb second
29. forming questions
30. plurals
31. most important verbs
32. telling time
33. numbers for counting and showing order
34. past tense
35. commands
36. forming negative sentences
37. German Sayings
38. Pronunciation practice
Mein Tagebuch                                

Write a journal telling about what you did during each of 5 days.  You will make a total of 5 entries.  Each entry is for a different day.  Each entry must have the date in German at the tope of the page.

Write 5 sentences on each page telling about your activities of the day in Vergangenheit (past tense)

Grading Policy:

50 points: 2 points for each sentence that you write that is not repeated anywhere else in your journal.
You must write a total of 25 sentences.

25 points: You will receive 1 point for each required sentence that is grammatically correct.  These sentences must be written in past tense.

15 points:      You will receive 3 points for each of the following:
- date in German at the top of each page
- written or typed neatly
- cover is decorated
- your name and the title “Mein Tagebuch” is on the cover
- pages are neatly attached inside a cover

10 points: You will receive up to 10 quality points based on the following:
- you have added extra sentences and facts
- you have added illustrations, pictures, or photographs

Viel Glück und mach’s gut!

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