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Sports • Health Project:
Due March 28th, 2006

Project Goal

Students will show the ability to:
  • identify parts of the body
  • describe injuries and syptoms of illness
  • ask for medical treatment
All products are,
of course,
to be


You will be allowed to choose your own product. However, whatever you choose, will havce to be approved by your teacher. Your teacher may require additional steps or tasks based on your progress. You may choose one of three products to create:
  • a Skit (requires two or three people)
  • a Game (requires two people)
  • a Poster (May be done by only individuals, not with partners)

Each of the different products will allow you to show your knowledge in different ways. However, each product should demonstrate knowledge of approximately the same amount/type of information/skills. Make sure you include:
  1. German words for body parts
  2. der, die, das for each noun; and correct use of den, der, and dem
  3. Two uses of the dative with indirect objects
  4. Two uses of the dative with prepositions
  5. Two uses of the dative with the specific dative verbs
  6. German words for common injuries or ailments
  7. German for making appointments/doctor's office expressions
A superior product may include some of the following:
  1. German words for common symptoms of illness
  2. German action words associated with the body parts
  3. German words for injury-relatedexcuses
  4. German words for possible Doctor's remedies
  5. German expressions for making an appointment with a doctor
Due Dates

Skit Game Poster
  1. complete script due on day three.
  2. revised script; All props in classroom due on day four.
  3. Lines memorized, due on day five.
  4. Presentation in class on day four (early), five or six.
  1. Object, rules, player's moves (during a turn) due on day two.
  2. Questions, cards complete on day four.
  3. Game Board complete, due on day five.
  4. Final product due on day six.
  1. Rough sketch due on day one.
  2. Complete list of body partsvocabulary words due on day three.
  3. Good drawing due on day four.
  4. Poster labels complete, due on day five.
  5. Final product due on day six.
Project Grade

Please see the requirements for each product listed (click here for the Skit rubric, Game rubric, and the Poster rubric). I expect every student to be able to earn a "B" by following these minimum requirements. In order to earn an "A-range" grade, more than this minimum is expected in your product.

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To Create a Skit:


You must perform the skit along with no more than two other students, using props and without using note cards/script copies. A typed copy of the script must be turned in completed one day prior to the presentation, and should include at least 15 lines each. In order to be considered for credit, each "line" must consist of at least a three-word sentence. The skit will be video-taped.
  • The script is to be memorized.
  • Lines are to be clearly spoken ("delivered") in German.
  • All players are to move during the presentation ("staging" & "blocking").
  • Some attention is given to costumes (although these are not elaborate).
  • Use of props is appropriate and well-delivered.
  • Scenes are clear and sequential (the skit has beginning-middle-end).
  • Actors all support each other, and participate equally and sufficiently.
  • See the Rubric Here

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To Create a Game:


You should work with only one other person to create your game(s). If you create a classroom competition for German (e.g. Jeopardy), you may be asked to produce more than one "round" of the game.
  • The game board/pieces should be legible and well-made.
  • The labels are clear.
  • The board needs to be large enough for all players to play.
  • The pieces are to be muli-colored.
  • Cards, spinners, tokens, dice are included (if required).
  • Rules (in English) are easy to follow.
  • If you're making up rulles and play for a new game, try to make a clear winner emerge as a result of play. Non-competitive games may be permitted (just ask).
  • All players are able to participate equally, during game play.
  • See the Rubric Here

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To Create a Poster:


You should work alone to create a poster on poster board. It must include multiple colors and clear labels. A rough drawing must be submitted on regular-sized paper, prior to completion of the actual poster.
  • The poster is to be made on large size poster-board (not supplied).
  • It has clear labels in German.
  • Some "white space" surrounds the picture & words (It's not "crammed full").
  • The poster is colored and visually appealing.
  • The poster includes the Germn words for body-parts.
  • The Poster includes (possibly) injuries, actions, illnesses or remedies associated with the body part. These words are displayed near the picture of the body part itself.
  • See the Rubric Here

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