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Welcome to a brand new year as we "Dive into Learning" at the library.  Once again, our fabulous readers won the summer reading trophy sponsored by the Henrico County Public Library!  Way to go cubs!  We had 22% participation of our students.  This number is very impressive.  I am looking forward to the suggestions that students put in our "thinking" box, which will be on display by the cafeteria beginning September 23rd.

The library team is headed up by Mrs. Theresa Harris. This is my tenth year as the head our our school library.  Mrs. Doherty, our school library assistant has been with us even longer.  Should you have any questions about our programs, goals, or events, feel free to contact me at

We have already started preparations for a wonderful year of reading.  Our "kinder kids" have already celebrated international Dot Day. Other grade levels participated in Pirate Day. 
Upcoming events include Read for the Record, our Scholastic Book Fair, and Book Bowl to name a few.

Keep reading, thinking and diving into opportunities to think critically and creatively!

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