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Title: The Original Americas Name: Miss Gagliardo Grade 7-8
Abstract: We will learn about the people who first built the America's. We will take a journey through the construction of the land.
Objective(s): Students will engage through video about the Anasazi people.
Standard 2: Cultural Understanding Students will develop cross-cultural skills and understandings.



Inspriation Worksheet


Recognition Learning Method
Method of Technology Integration:
A video on the computer along with a worksheet created through inspriation.
Opening Activity:
I will have an open discussion with my class. Who were the first people to find the America's? Who built this land?
Savings Plan: When students begin to engage in written work, all work will be transfered to Microsoft Word and saved on a CD Procedure
Procedure: Day 1: Students will watch a video from the computer about the Anasazi people. This video will guide us through the first days of our land.
Closing Activity:
Student will work with a partner on the computer to creat a venn diagram. The diagram will be used to help them study for their assessment.
Assessment & Evaluation Assessment will take place next day. A short quiz on the video will be given.


Please locate EWorksheet Here : Anasazi Builders
My Quia activities and quizzes
Play an exiting game of Hangman while learning key terms about the Anasazi builders
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