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Camino Real Middle School Grade 7 Science - Mrs. Crowe
                                                  April 2001

Dear Stalactite Kids,

  Ms. Stapher and I are so glad that you will be going with us to Carlsbad Caverns on Saturday, May 5.  I'm sure we will all have a wonderful time and learn a lot about limestone caves and the organisms living in them.
  One of the most interesting kinds of animals living in Carlsbad Caverns are the ones we won't be able to see - the bats.  There are 16 kinds of bats living there and, guess what?, they all sleep in the daytime.  They leave the cave in the evening and return in the early morning.  Why do you think they leave the cave during the night?  Hint: A bat eats half its weight in insects every night. (If you were a bat and weighed 100 pounds, you would have to eat 50 pounds of food every night!)
  Since we can't see them, I thought you might like to at least hear them.  Each kind of bat makes its own special sounds.  Farther down on this page you will find a section called "Useful Links".  Click on these links to hear the bat sounds and find out more information about nine different kinds of bats. 

Happy listening.

Ms Crowe 
Useful links
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