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Pokémon Game Info

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Source >> Psypoke

Pokémon Game Information

The primary goal in Pokémon Red and Blue is to find, capture and train various monsters in order to become the world's greatest Pokémon trainer. As you capture monsters and tame them, they evolve and gain power that will help you defeat more Pokémon. You'll choose one of three tamed starter monsters, courtesy of Professor Oak, to help you capture other Pokémon. Red and Blue versions have their own variety of Pokémon monsters to defeat, capture and train.

Pokemon Pinball is one of the first games for Game Boy Color to utilize a built-in rumble pak. The cartridge contains a mini Rumble Pak which shakes the entire Game Boy Color unit as you slap the Pokeball around the screen.

Put the hit card game in your pocket! Equipped with a modest deck and words of advice from the wise Dr. Mason, you'll win booster decks by battling - and defeating - a wily series of rivals. Includes limited edition Pokemon cards.

The next generation of Pokemon game is on it's way. Pokemon Gold/Silver extends the Pokemon universe with new characters, abilities and more!.

Watch Pikachu follow you on your quest to be the world's greatest Pokemon Trainer! Enjoy funny Pikachu animations! Listen to Pikachu sounds! Even make stickers with the Game Boy printer! It's all possible with this Special Pikachu Edition. Get it today!

A Game Boy Color just for Pikachu! The uniquely colored Game Boy Color comes bundled with Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition.

Pokémon Red/Blue

Pokémon Red/Blue FAQ

How do I get Mew?

In the American version, the only way to get mew is to use the gameshark cheat, which can be found in the codes section. The cheats involving the St. Anna, Celadon City Mansion, Bill, etc. are all FAKE. There is no way to catch mew in the wild.

Where are Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno?

Zapdos is in the Power Plant, Moltres is in Victory Road, and Articuno is in Seafoam Island. Check the map if you aren't sure where these locations are.

Where's the Power Plant?

First you need a Pokémon with the Surf ability. Now go to Rock Tunnel. Just before the PokeMart infront of Rock Tunnel, there will be a lake, surf into it and follow the river to the Power Plant.

How do I catch a Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur?

Well, you can only get them in the beginning, when you choose your initial Pokémon. To get all three, you have to trade!

How do I get that bike that costs $ 1 000 000?

Go into the next town, and you'll find a man who likes to talk about Pokémon. Listen to his story and you'll get a "Bike Voucher" which you can give to the Bike Shop owner for a free Bike

Where's Pikachu??

He's in Viridian Forest. He's pretty rare, so you'll just have to wander around until he shows up.

Where's Mewtwo?

Mewtwo is in the 'secret' cave in Cerulean city. Once you beat the Elite Four, you can go to this cave and he'll be there waiting for you.....

How do I get more Master Balls?

You can't. There's only 1 in the game, and I suggest to keep it for Mewtwo. You can get more by using a gameshark code. Go to the codes section to get the cheat.

How do I get Pikablu, Houou, Bruno, and all the other new Pokémon?

You can't. They are only in the new upcoming Gold and Silver versions.

Why can't I get into the first gym?

You need to go around the world and beat 7 gym leaders, when you come back, it'll be open.

These weird guard guys keep stopping me from passing thru, wut do I do?

Wait until you get to Celadon City, then go to the big Pokemart, and on the top floor there are vending machines. Buy a drink from there, and give it to the guards. From now on, all guards will let you pass.

My Pokémon keeps ignoring orders...

Your Pokémon is at too high of a level for you.. you just gotta wait until you get a new badge.

What does a nugget do?

Absolutely nothing, you can sell it for $ 5 000...

Can I stop my Pokémon from evolving?

Just hit B when its evolving to cancel it..

Pokémon Red/Blue Rumors

Here are some rumors flying around the net... its pretty easy to see which are fake.... but I'll post them anywayz for amusement value....

PokéGod Rumours Status
To find Pikablu (a blue pikachu) you must talk to Mr. Psychic (the guy who gives you Psychic TM) and then go to the waters around Cerulean city constantly hitting the A button. You should find a ball with a note in it speaking of a Pokémon referred to as pikablu. It will say the location of it as well.  False
Togepy (NEW!)

All you do is use the item finder in Mt. Moon 100 times (make sure that it is all in different places, or it doesn't work) and on the 101 time it will respond. when you find the item it will be an egg. After you play long enough the egg will hatch and presto! You have a togepi!
Another Pikablu Code

You have to find the bottle first. The bottle is in the water somewhere. It changes for each quest of the game. The ones that I have heard are Cerulean Water, Cerulean Gym, Power Plant water, I found it under the Waters of Unknown Dungeon. You will get it when you TELEPORT back to the Cerulean City Pokémon Center. Once you teleport back it will say that you found a bottle! After you find it go to the items and select it. It should give you a message on where Pikablu EXACTLY is. On mine it says the middle of the waters of Seafoam Islands. I went there and teleported and I found pikablu. For somereason I did not teleport back but I got him. Then I moved to the right and it telported and I found a mist stone. Some people say they found it by battling it. I don't know why maybe when they surfed to that spot a battle may have actifated it. Or maybe it was a cable link fight. I don't know.  False
Official Pikablu(NEW!)

To Catch Pikablu in any Version: Follow these Simple steps to catch him!
1.First you must catch all 150 Pokémon NOT I repeat NOT using GameShark.

2. Then you also must have Seventeen of your Pokémon at Level 100.

3. Then when all of these tasks are complete, go to the guy in Pewter City who asks you if you have been to the Museum yet. Say NO so he takes you to the door.

4. Then go into the museum and go upstairs and talk to the Lady who says "I want My boyfriend to catch me a Pikachu!"

5. After you talk to her, immediatly come out of the door and once you come out of the door do not take any steps forward. left, or right. Immediatly use fly and go to Celedon City.

6. Go to the Safari zone and catch a Tuaros. Leave room in your Pokémon slots. So only bring 5 when you go to catch him. Then put tuaros in your 1st slot.

7. Go into the Game Corner and talk to the Lady that says "Go Next Door to the Coin Exchange Corner to use your coins to get great Prizes!"

8. But this time she will say, "Hey? You have all the badges? WOW! Well then since you were nice enough to talk to me, I will give you this Pokémon I found stranded behind then Pokémon Museum, he is so strong I can not control him.But since you have all the badges, YOU TAKE HIM!

9. It will say, "You got ???????" Then when you try to use it it will just be like if you were pressing cancel and it will exit every time you click on it. Then go to Proffesor Oak and he will say the same thing he says when you give him Oaks Parcel, it will still say "YOU DELIVERED OAKS PARCEL!"

10. Then when you go into your Pokémon line and it will replace the Pokémon in your first slot. So put a spearow or something in first. It will still be called ????? so go to the Nickname guy and change it to Pikablu. It has a ElectricWave, Psyshock, and Electrode... Dont ask me why its Electrode but its an awesome move.

11. It is a Level 999 and Pikablu will, Yes it will appear in your Pokedex! After 150 it will say 154 and then you look at the Pokedex Info and it will look like this...

Name: Pikablu Type: ??????? Height: 2" 3" Length: 3" 4"

Height: 2" 3" Wieght: 34

Stats: Attack-999 Defense-999 Speed-999 Special-999

ElectricWave Psyshock Electrode SonicBoom <------- When you get 60,000 more experience points after catching it

It Learns SonicBoom when you gain around 60, 000 experience points and it kills any Pokémon in one hit and it never misses!

1. if you swim up and down cinnabar island and than around each for 1000! time you will hit a Pokémon called Eletrino, capture it and go to the safari zone and every Pokémon you fight is ver rare Pokémon, like pikablue and other.

2. Capture 50 Ratatta and caterpie then swim up and down the water near pallet town the capture 50 weedle, go to the safari zone and you will fine a Pokémon right in front of the door and if you talk to him he'll give you 300! Pokémon and each with a pokedex for them

3. the last code is you talk to the guard near saffaron city for 1000! time and he will give you all the pokegods and then he will say byou mother died, go back to your house and you will see your mother dead and there will be a rare Pokémon standing next to him called the pikaish and it will let you pick any secret Pokémon you want and then you will get to fight him! if you capture him you mother will be alive and if you din't you will get to fight the ghost of your mother ! Capture it and you'll have a pokedex on the table pick it up and it has data of all the secret Pokémon with Pictures too!!!!!!!!!!  False
How To Get Pikablu in Pokémon Red and Blue

In Cerulean Caverns, Pikablu is very rare, and you need Max Repel to find her. Pikablu is found by using Max Repel. Before Max Repel wears off, one Pokémon might penetrate your Repel. This Pokémon will come in any form, but is strong. This is a great Pokémon to use your Master Ball on. Pikablu will attack with moves like Tunderswift and Quicklight.  False
Get to unknown dungeon, then catch a Raichu trade it back and forth 8 times and it I think it will evolve.  False

Pikablu & Topegi in Safari Zone:
Ok this is a New Update.But this code is 100% real. Ok i was in the safari zone and i saw a Pikablu and Togepy!! I don't know how but i think i have it here. I wrote down all my steps what i did before to bring it to you guys. The is Werd Up so listen carefully. Ok first i taught Surf to Snorlax. Than i surfed 20 times up and down the Half on land and Half on water part. So than i went to the safari Zone and OH MY GOSH!! a pikablu and then a Togepy. But it ran away. But i reccomend before going into the safari zone u think of a Plan. I can only tell you this.  False
MEW: Start a new game and get a Pokémon. Trade it to another version and teach it cut. Now beat the game until you get surf and strenght and skip the S.S. Anne (This is what you need cut for, to beat the rest of the game) Go to the S.S. Anne after you get the badge requirements for Surf, and Strength. Go to the Dude who asks for tickets ... and you swim just passed the dude to the right and you will find an island with a boulder on it if you have not done the access code yet then you can not push it but if you have done it then push it and a pokeball is under it get the pokeball and inside is mew the first pokegod now that you have 151 Pokémon get your 3 birds out again and ... this is one part iam not sure about yet the legendary birds you either get out 3 geodudes ... or one geo. 1 gravlerand 1 golem you have to do one of these , one of them works and the other dont.

CHARCOLT: once you have those you go to the guy that tells you geodudes evolves i thing that guy is in the celadon department store you know in the game department anywayz in there ,there is a guy that is playing gb and talkto him... and he gives you charcolt i do not know if that is the right guy though.

FLARETH: now that you hae 152 Pokémon.... get 4 moltres by trade or gameshark and have the 4 in your active 6 and only the moltres not any other Pokémons once you do that go to celdaon dpt. store again then go to the top floor and talk to the girl who wants a drink 100 times anywayz after you do that talkto her one more time and she gets annoyed she says ... "I will give you flareth if you go away" and then she give you!

PIKABLU: now that you have 153 Pokémon go to cerulean city with your surf Pokémon you can have other Pokémon with it but you really need your surfer go to cerulean city and go to the water ( you know by the unknown dungeon) and go in the water use the item finder in the water and after while it will beep and you will... find a pokeball with a note in it the note says there is a rare Pokémon by cinnabar island be prepared because you fight this one and they are strong then go to cinnabar island.. (you can not find the note without the access code) once you are at cinnabar island have the Pokémon that you taught dig supposbly you dig in the water around cinnabar... supposily if you dig in the right place a pikablu appears if you do not have the master ball.. use the same stragey as you did on the 3 birds and mewtwo

MISSINGNO: you have to have traded 4 times then beat the elite four and heal your Pokémon at pallet town hen fly directly to cinnabar island then swim up and down the east coast of the sea between pallet and cinnabar after while you will see Missingno.!  False
To get to the factory beat the Elite Four 30 times without talking to anyone in between exept the indigo plateau Nurse Joy to heal your Pokémon Ont the 30th time proffesor oak will say "I getting tired of this. Just explore a little." He will let you walk around the hall of fame room. There are pictures on the walls and a door on the far side. Go in the door and it will take you to a new city. In the city is the Pokémon factory and people that will trade you pokegods for other Pokémon!
Other 'Rare' Pokémon  
One is where you find a guy's lost keys and he'll take you to a secret island with Mew.  False
The other is don't go to the SS Anne trade a Pokémon with a friend that knows cut and then skip it later on you'll know surf. Then you can go back and surf to the right before you get on the SS Anne. Surf to the right and you'll get to an island and there's a truck there. Use strength to move it and there is a pokeball there with mew in it. Supposedly there are god Pokémon on the island too.  False
Another is that there is a secret mountain behind Bill's cottage. You have to have Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonite, Zapdos, Artiqunos, Moltress in that order and agree to let him study the Pokémon and he'll let you go on. Don't worry he'll give it back. After that you can bring him Aerodacal, Kabuto, Kabutops, Omanyte and Omastar and he'll give you a rare Pokémon. (no clue)  False
This secret you will like. There is a cave in Safari Zone. GO to the house with SURF and talk to the guy (you must have all 5 HMs with you). Talk to the guy and he will ask you for all 5 HMs (make sure u teach it to the Pokémon you need because you won't have it after you give him it. He will open a door behind him and walk out of the house. Go to the door and you will finally see Jesse and Jane!! Talk to them and they will say ''What are you doing here brat!! We are trying to find the Dragon Pokémon. It is unidentified!!'' then they will fight you. After the battle, they will run out of safari zone and you will hear this roar. Go to the cave and catch all the dragon Pokémon there is!! At the end of the cave, which is only straight ahead, there will be a dragon that is unidentified. Catch it and it will follow you beacause it is too big to be in a pokeball. It comes with one move which is BREATH BURN, the most powerful attack of all attacks!! (CAN KILL LV100 Pokémon WITH ONE HIT!!). It is level 100 when you catch it. False
This rumor is Dimonix. He is the next version of ONIX. You get him when you get onix to level 60 then trade 4 times.  False
Get ROTON (NEW!) (This involves some of gameshark so even though, I put it in here anyway.)

ROTON is the unevolved of KANGASKHAN! To get him type: 0100D8CF.
*(soon to be roton)*
Once you get those pokémon and there order right, fly to Cerulean City goto to the field in the WEST that you came to after MT. MOON. You should find a pokémon named 'M catch it then nickname it ROTON (IN CAPITAL LETTERS) Give it a Rare Candy to evolve it into Kangaskhan!!!!!!  Maybe...
Both players must have beatin the elite four and have 150 Pokémon then red version trades a dratini to blue version blue version evolves the dratini to dragonite then trades it back to red red then goes to unknown dungeon where mew was located use a fire stone on dragonite (it will say not able but do it anywayz) the screen will glitch then say what dragonite is evolving still has all the same moves as dragonite but looks like yoshi and is pokedex #. 999
Super Powered Rydon, Rydon over level 100, Infinite health(NEW!)

1) Go to viridian city and go to the guy who tells you how to catch a weedle. When he asks you are you busy say "Yes", then talk to him again and say, "No". After he shows you how to catch a Pokémon, fly to cinnibar island.
2) Surf along the right side of cinnibar so that you are half in the water and half on land. Then fight and capture a "MISSINGNO." (level 138 works the best. level 138 are actually stronger than level 146)
3) Go to your box on the Pc and deposit one of you Pokémon and then hit "Withdraw Pokémon" choose "MISSIGNO." (like have 6 Pokémon with you so "MISSIGNO." is tranported to a box and then deposit one and continue code.) (BUT DON'T ACTUALLY WITHDRAW HIM) if you tap the button once you will have a menu saying "Withdraw, Stats, and Cancel" Look at the stats twice before withdrawing again.
NOTE: now you can teach your new "MISSINGNO/Rydon" all of Rydon's attacks, tms, and the game WON'T glitch durring battle. Also, Rydon will still know water gun water gun and sky attack. Which can be taught normally. (I'm not sure if you have to give "MISSINGO." , a grass Pokémon nickname.)
1)Refer to the code below about unlimited items. If it doesn't work for you for some reason simply kill a "MISSINGNO." After you have infinate rare candies by using the code bring "MISSINGNO./Rydon" up to level 192 (if you have caught one at level 138)
NOTE: Unlike any other Pokémon over level 100, your new rydon will NOT go down to level 100 after a battle, if you raise your "MISSINGNO./Rydon" above level 192 however, it WILL go back down to level 192 after a battle. Also you can give rydon ALOT of HP UP's, Carbos, Calcium, etc..
Chrona-Mew: Use Mew and Mewtwo to beat the elite four and then give them each the lightning stone (Not Thunderstone!) and they will disappear and in there place will be chrona-mew!
Mew: The S.S. Anne trick works for some games but if it doesn't go into the cinnebar mansion building and read all the diarys in order then after using itemfinder all over the building and finding the mist stone use max repel and Mew will appear!  False
Sapausaur Charcolt and Rainer: Give
Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise the Mist stone!  False
Metazap: Give Metapod the Lightning stone!  False
Ice Stone, Pikablu and Flarachu

Get 7 Level 100 pikachu's an itm finder rock tunnel* mount moon use the item finder a few times, you;ll find an item called the 1 the only the "Ice stone" u can use the ice stone as many times as u want like a "HM" to evolve pikachu use the ice stone once to evolve Raichu use it twice
*** when using cheat in rock tunnel dont use flash***

To get PIKA-BLU and FLARA-CHU: each person trades a pikachu 8 times there and back there and back..... then use a Fire stone or water stone to evolve pikachu
Extra Strong Mewtwo's(NEW!)

First go to the cave that you meat mewtwo and walk around until you run into a Pokémon in the cave. Fight the Pokémon and use dig to get out of the cave or use an escape rope. When you are out of the cave fly to virdian city wheir you talk to the guy that needed the coffe and wouldnt let you pass when he say are you in a hurry click no and wait untill he is done then fly to cinnabar island and go to the right till you get to the edge where water and land meet it looks like 50 50 of water and land swim on that coast untill you run into mewtwo . The only problem its hard to catch him so make shure you have at least 50 ultra balls.


Secret Unknown Pokémon

In Rock Tunnel, do not use Flash and head up and left. If you get to the right place, you will be attacked. This Pokémon will come in the form of Onix, Geodude, or Zubat, but wil use moves like Fog, Transform, Haze, and Ghost. It has a level of 82, so be careful. This only appears once.

How To Get Chartres

In Poketower, run from a Haunter and a Gastly and a Cubone and use Max Repel. Gastly, Haunter, and Cubone must be right one after another. Run from each. Then use Max Repel, as with Pikablu, one will penetrate your Repel, only this one will look like a mix between Charizard and Moltres.

How To Get Charticuno

This is in Viridian Forest. He will look like a mix between Articuno and Charmander. He will attack with both Fire and Ice attacks. He may also use Psychic. This is more commonly found in Poketower. To find him, faint all of these Pokémon in this order. In Viridian Forest: Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, Kakuna, Pikachu In Poketower: Cubone, Marowak, Gastly, Haunter. To recieve Charticuno, you must have all the Pokémon listed above.

How To Get Melomagticuno

The most powerful Pokémon. He can only be found once, and that's in Rock Tunnel. You cannot use Flash. Melomagticuno is a Poison/Ice/Fire Pokémon. Walk around until an Onix appears. He must then be followed by a Zubat, he must then be followed by a Paras, then a Geodude. All these must be at least 10 steps apart. When you see him, do not run! He is a level 90 Pokémon, but just putting him to sleep will let you capture him with an Ultra Ball. He attacks with moves like Fissure, Crumble, Fireball, Melomagticunokill, and Ice Dance.  False

1.Make sure you deposit the SECRET KEY that opens the gym on Cinnibar Island.

2.Go to Cinnabar Island and swim on the right side of the island half on land half on water

3.Surf up until you hit the rock. Then go three spaces down and get out of the water and walk into the gym door. You will see an old man on the roof and it says, the door is locked since you dont have the Secret Key.

4.Then go into the Pokémon lab and trade the man a Raichu for an electrode.

5. Then go back to the right side of the island and surf half on land half on water again.

6. A random battle will occur but the screen will stay black for about two seconds and then a Glitched up Pokémon called MISSINGNO. will appear. He is a Lv.80 and has a defense number of 13. He has two water guns and a sky attack. He really sucks and will screw up many parts of your game. But one good thing about missingno.! what ever kind of PokeBall you used to catch him, you have infinite of! Pretty cool! Please Try this code, It is 100% real and I hope you can do it, I swear it works!  Maybe..
Flareth Code:
Fist have 150 Pokémon then have 4 moltres in your game and only carry around them and no other Pokémon. Then talk to the thirsty girl in celedon 100 times and she gives you Flareth.  False
Other Codes  
This secret is HM 6. Supposedly this HM gets you to secret places like the island of Mew and charmander field, bulbasaur forest, and squirtle lake. I have no clue where these places are. HM6 can be accuired by having all 5 hms and have all 150 Pokémon before you beat the game. You take it to a guy near the end of rock tunnel. The guys outside. You will go into a fight with him again and he'll bring out his strongest Pokémon and fight you. If you beat him he'll give you HM6 as a prize. He won't tell you anything else though.  False
1) Take your new rydon using codes above, or any Pokémon over level 100 that you find on the coast of cinnibar. For "MISSINGO./Rydon" raise its level to 192 but not over 255 (level 215 works well) using rare candies. For other Pokémon over level 100 use rare candies to raise its level to about 150.
2) Get into a battle and carefully lower its life to about 25. (Your Pokémon MUST be poisoned.) When its your turn donot atttack. Instead play the pokeflute continustly. Once your life is about 25 win the battle, it will say you grew to either level 100 or level 192 (for rydon). However scince your health wne below 0 after it does this lowering or raising of the levels the game will mess up and make your life bar get HUGE and your life will now be MAXIMUM out of this HUGE bar.
NOTE: If you go to a Pokémon center and heal Rydon the infinite health will go down to what it regularly should be. And it will also freeze, if you use a potion or healing device so dont use any. You can ONLY use "Full Heal" to get health and unpoisoned and etc.. also you should get unlimited Max elixers to restore your PP. Also if your life bar goes down, it will automatically go up when it reaches the half way point.  False
Catch a Trainer (NEW!)

To catch trainers: go talk to a traner for instance Giovanni, beat the trainer then surf along the coast of cinnabar island.(the right coast) within 10 minutes, u should see a missing no. at level 0. catch him and beat the Elite 4 six times. Go back to cinnabar and there should be the trainer u first talked to.(in our case, Giovanni.) get him/her down to little life then attempt to catch it.
Easily Catch Safari Zone Pokémon

To easily catch Safary Zone Pokémon........In order to get Pokémon that are normaly found in the Safary Zone, all you have to do is: go to the safary zone, and the Pokémon that you want, run away from, but there must be at least ten. The others, just throw rocks at! Then fly to Cinnibar Islands, and of to where the land and sea (you must have surf), and surf where it is half land and half water (If i were doing this on an emulator, I would have a screen shot). The cool thing about it is, that you can battle them, and they wont run away!!!!!! If you use gameshark, and chiet, get masterballs to catch them instantly.
Turn Great Balls into Master Balls

Turning Greatballs into masterballs.......All you have to do is, have Greatballs with you and, the second after you hit the okay button, hold UP-B and dont let go until either, the ball misses, or it catches it.
Raise Levels quickly(NEW!)

If you go to the Unknown Dungeon go to where the steps are and use the Super Rod. You can catch level 23 Kingler, Seaking, Seadras, and Slowbro. With the Good Rod you can catch level 10 Golden, and Poliwag. with the Old Rod you can catch level 5 Magikarp. My other code is how to raise Pokémon levels fast. Okay you know how you get to MissingNo. right? Well then put the Pokémon you wnat to raise at the top of the list and then put a Pokémon that knows Explosion or Selfdestruct in your active list. Then go fight the MissingNo. Then your weak Pokémon will come out. Then bring out the Pokémon that knows Selfdestruct or Explosion and use the move. It should faint MissingNo. and your Pokémon but the weak one will get about 1500 exp. points. NOTE: make sure the Pokémon that knows Explosion or Selfdestruct has an attack level over 100 just to make sure you faint MissingNo.!
Fish For Secret THINGS!!(NEW!)

People have told me that if you talk to the guy that gives you the super rod 100 times he will give you the ultra rod then you fish with the ultra rod and you maybe able to hook a hm or tm i think one is deep water swim wich lets you swim under water and find secret Pokémon and new stones to evolve certain Pokémon i think the wind stone evolves gengar into spooky the hm should be leap if you dont hook it the first time keep trying. p.s there are more towns then cobblestone town and elite 6 ,20,150 peolpe can use more then 6 Pokémon but you cant for some resone also in one of the new town you get the hm hi fly and you can new bird Pokémon like hohou the golden bird from the first episode of Pokémon. Dont blame me if it dosent work my friend just told me it never worked for me i hope you have better luck then i did
Pokémon Breeding (NEW!)

1.Get a Pokémon over level 30 after you start a new game and have not beaten any gym leaders yet.
2.Beat Brock and then go to Misty and Beat her and yes with the pokémon over level 30.
3.After you beat Misty go find wild pokémon defeat the fist five and on the sixth one it will say pokémon breeding.
4.Defeat the sixth Pokémon and then go to prof. aok and give him all the breeded pokémon and he will give you a certificate.
Duplicate Any Pokémon (NEW!)

1.Go to the guy who shows you how to catch Pokémon, and he will ask you if you are in a hurry, say yes, and then talk to him again and say no.
2.Fly to cinnabar and surf up and down the coast.
3.Pokémon will apear like Lv.156 muk and all sorts of stuff, including Missingno. and 'M (Mysterio).
4.After a Lv.0 'M apears catch it once and it will not go away so catch it again, and then it will say you caught a Ditto.
5.Go to your box and release the 'M and then withdraw Ditto, Ditto will be whatever Pokémon you had in the 4th position of your group.  False
Infinite of any item that you have 1x of(NEW!)

Do the same as above by finding a Lv.0 'M although this time run away and whatever item is in your 6th possition you will now have infinite of sell them if you like or use them like I do.  True
All 150:
Get to Viridian city then get over the bush by cutting it down, walk 6 feet forward and a ghost will pick you up and take you to Cloud City. In cloud city move the boulkders into the hole 5 times you will get 30 Pokémon each time. There will also be a pokeball that will be where the 30 Pokémon each time will be. Thats all! I don't know if it works.  

Pokémon Yellow

Pokémon Yellow Elite 4/Gary

The group I used against these four in my guide below were/are: Pikachu, Gyrados, Haunter, Articuno, Charizard, and a jobber (I always take a weak Pokémon along, and allow it to gain a lot of XP. If I definitely want to win I take either Blastoise or Venusaur. Usually Venusaur because Blastoise kinda just stands there if Gyrados is on).

i) Lorelei

Here is how I defeated them. Dewgong: One hit with Thunder. Cloyster: One hit with Thunder. Slowbro: One hit with Thunder. Jynx: Put to sleep with Haunter, then constant Dream Eater. Lapras: Two hits with Thunderbolt. Oh, in case you couldn't tell, the electric attacks were by Pikachu :)

j) Bruno


Here's my way: Both Onixes are killed in one hit by Surf from Gyrados. The rest are put to sleep by Haunter and Dream Eater kills them all with one hit.

k) Agatha

Gengar LVL 60 Uses Psychic!

This is a tough match. I started with Pikachu and hit Thunder on Gengar. He then usually uses Substitute, so a Thunderbolt cancels it out. It's best to use
Articuno and do either Ice Beam or Blizzard on him, it beats him fast. Sometimes she drags Gengar out and sends in Golbat. Golbat and Arbok were easily beaten by my Haunter (Hypnosis, Dream Eater twice). The ghosts can be whupped by Articuno's ice and Pikachu's electricity. But the last Gengar is really hard.

l) Lance


Lance's dragons are not actually that hard. Even Thunderbolt from Pikachu kills Gyrados in one hit. Articuno's ice beam kills both Dragonairs in one hit. Pikachu's thunder kills Aerodactyl in one hit. Dragonite can be tough.... until he's put to sleep by Haunter :)

m) Gary Oak (Rival)

I still do not know if Gary changes his Pokémon depending on what Eevee he ends
up with, but here is how I beat the team he uses:


Sandslash is beaten with one Surf from Gyrados. Alkazam I usually beat with Articuno, one or two Blizzards should do it. Magneton I always find hard to beat for some reason, use Pikachu against him to cencel out his attacks perhaps, but then again so are yours. I usually just go to my backup plan, Haunter. Exeggutor burns well :) One or Two Flamethrowers. Cloyster fails to remember what happened to Lorelei's and gets Thunder between the eyes. Finally, GAry's "best Pokémon,"Flareon, comes in..... and gets Surf twice and is kaput.

Pokémon Yellow Differences



Instead of Jigglypuff/Nidoran and Snorlax/Gengar (is it?) battling, you get to see a darkened Pokémon running at you on all fours. As it gets closer, you realise it's PIKACHU! During this various clips are shown of him doing a flying kick, riding a surfboard, flying on balloons, and then it shows him close up, and his cheeks start to spark, and then he lets rip with a Giant thundershock! The title screen then comes on, which is Pikachu saying Pikachu (duh). It has new music too, sounds similar to the casino in Celadon City. Much better intro.


EVERY Pokémon in the Pokédex has been redrawn and they look a lot better. Also, Gary changes art throughout the game. Not the sprite onscreen, but the picture of him during a battle. There are three different drawings. Brock too is different (i.e. he is wearing a shirt), and Misty also looks similar to the show (the shirt with the straps on, no bathing suit for her

Starting Pokémon

Instead of choosing between Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur at the beginning, Professor Oak stops you at the grass (you get to move one step further too. Ooooh :) ) and then captures a Pikachu! He brings it back to his lab and then lets you have it! As for Gary (your rival) if you look at the Pokeball on the desk, he shoves you out of the way and takes it. It's an Eevee! Then you fight. Later in the game, after battling Gary 3 times more, when you face him in the Silph Co. Building, his Eevee will have evolved into one of it's three other forms (Flareon in my case). Whether or not his choice of Pokémon change based on what Eevee he plans on getting is unknown. The team Gary faced me with at the end of the game was: Sandslash, Alkazam,
Exeggutor, Magneton, Cloyster, Flareon.


Pika-pi! Of course, the game is mostly about Pikachu now, so of course he has new stuff!

Talking to Pikachu

Pikachu follows you around on the map! Unless he fainted. You can talk to him at any time, bringing up a picture of his face, showing if he is happy or sad. If happy, sprite on the main screen will jump up and down, really fast if super happy! If really upset he will turn around and not look at you! When he sees Bill The Pokemaniac as a Pokémon, question marks appear over his head! And when you go to the Pokémon meeting in Vermillion City, love hearts appear when he
sees the other Pokémon!

Pikachu's Moves

Pikachu learns new moves! Chief amongst them is Thunderbolt, which he gets at level 26. Here is the list of his moves:

Start Thundershock
Start Growl
Lvl 6 Tail Whip
Lvl 8 Thunderwave
Lvl 11 Quick Attack
Lvl 15 Double Team
Lvl 20 Slam
Lvl 26 Thunderbolt
Lvl 34 Agility
Lvl 41 Thunder
Lvl 50 Light Scren

Thunder Stone

Pikachu will NOT use the Thunderstone! Thus leaving this question: How the heck do you get a Raichu? (There are no Pikachu in the game besides the one you start
with). Just as on the cartoon; Pikachu chooses not to evolve, deciding it will fight Raichu for the honour of Pikachu everywhere.

Team Rocket

Yes, it's true, Team Rocket appear in the game!Just as you are about to leave Mt. Moon they come running over and battle you! They fight with Ekans, Meowth and Koffing! After you beat them they dissappear, like Giovanni. You meet them three times more, in the Casino/Rocket base (just before Giovanni), Lavender Tower (you beat them to save Mr. Fuji, and they have Arbok and Weezing now! (But still just Meowth) And finally the Silph co. Building, just before Giovanni). And yes, just like the cartoon, they are easily beaten!

Anything different during the game

Nurse Joy

Nurse Joy is at every Pokémon Centre, with her Chansey!

Pokémon sprites

Chansey has been redrawn in it's pen at Fuschia City. Also there is an Oddish sprite and a Sandshrew, and a Bulbasaur. The last three are all in a house in Cerulean City.

Officer Jenny

Officer Jenny is in Vermillion City.

Two Pikachus?

The hut at the bottom of Fuschia City, inside, there is a Pikachu walking around!

Computer Options/Boxes

Not too clear on this, but you probably get more places to store Pokémon.


The people you trade with are generally asking for different things in this
game. For example, I think the old man in the lab at Cinnabar Islands trades
Rhydon for Golduck (not sure tho).

Pokémon learn moves faster?

I'm not sure about anyone besides Pikachu learning new moves, but, I have noticed Pokémon learn skills faster. Butterfree for example gets confusion as soon as it evolves, rather than level 12! It gets all it's other skills faster too! Jeez, how much of an advantage does a Poke Yellow player have
over the others??


Pokémon for sale:
Scyther 6500
Pinsir 6500
Porygon 9999
Vulpix 1000 (The only place you can get it?)
Abra 230
Wigglytuff 2680


If you talk to Jigglypuff in the Pokémon Centre at the Pewter City Gym, she sings her lullabye! To the correct tune! And then if you talk to Pikachu, he is asleep!

Old Man In Viridian City

You know the old guy who blocks your path or something? The guy who shows you how to use a Pokeball? (We'll just ignore Professor Oak using one earlier...) Instead of trying to get Weedle and failing, this time he tries to get Rattatta and he succeeds! Sometimes, anyway.

Missing Pokémon

To ensure that Pokémon Yellow offers no distinct advantage over the previous versions/colours (yeah right, you can get Charmander, Bulbasaur AND Squirtle?? O--k, fair...), 11 Pokémon are unattainable again. Although I can't be certain at this time, here are my guesses as to which ones they are (note there are 13, so at least 2 of these must be wrong, or perhaps not....):

Weedle (None in Viridian Forest or anywhere else, but many "Bug Catchers" have them)
Kakuna (again, many bug catchers have them)
Beedrill (One of the Bug Catchers near Cerulean City has two of them though)
Jynx (though Lorelei of the Elite Four has one. The original place for the trade has been replaced by the "Bulbasaur House.")
Raichu: Using the Thunderstone on Pikachu does NOT WORK. He will not take it!
And since there are No other Pikachus in the game besides your starting one...... ?? (Lt. Surge has one)
Ekans (No nest on map, unable to find. Jesse has one)
Meowth (No nest on map, unable to find. Team Rocket have one :) )
Koffing (No nest on map. Unable to find. James has one :) )

I'd say that not being able to get Ekans, Koffing and Meowth is definite (since the game follows the cartoon more so than the others, and they are the villain Pokémon). Jynx probably does exist to trade still, but I can't find it. Electabuzz and Magmar are likely removed to make up for both Scyther and Pinsir (if you remember, Magmar and Pinsir are in the blue game, Scyther and Electabuzz in thr red.). That would leave Raichu as the other possible collectable)

Extra Pokémon in this version

I do not mean brand new Pokémon (see the upcoming Silver or Gold, and the
cartoon for Togepi :) ), but I mean certain Pokémon you could only get one or
the other of in the previous versions.

a) Scyther and Pinsir

BOTH are in this version :) Both can be found in the same area in the Safari Zone.

b) Charmander

After Nugget Bridge, there is a man standing on a raised bit of land. If you talk to him he'll ask you something, choose the top answer and you get a Charmander!
- Charizard can now learn fly (HM02). Seems right.
- Maybe the guy is Damien from "Charmander, The Stray Pokémon."

c) Squirtle

In Vermillion City, after the trip on the St. Anne, talk to Officer Jenny and
she'll ask you something. Choose the top again and you'll get a Squirtle!
- You have to beat Lt. Surge first tho.....
- This seem to have nothing to do with "Here comes The Squirtle Squad." There's only one of them!

d) Bulbasaur

In Cerulean City, there is a house with an Oddish, a Sandshrew and a lady stood next to what looks like a Bulbasaur. Talk to her, and when you have to choose, choose the top answer..... then when you have to choose again, do the same. You get Bulbasaur!!
- I think this might be something similar to the episode "Bulbasaur and The Hidden Village." Melanie could be the girl. After all, there is an Oddish present.

e) The four "Tradies" (Gengar, Golem, Alkazam, Machamp)

They are available within the game! Or.... so I have heard. Somewhere people trade you wither something for them, or something for their "previous form" (example, someone trades you a Graveler, and it then evolves to Golem because it has been traded). Recently I found Machamp!

i) Machamp - In the tunnel that goes between Vermillion and Cerulean, in the north entrance, a kid trades you Machoke if you give him Cubone.... but what? When traded, Machoke evolves! You got yourself a Machamp!!!

f) Psyduck
- Just north of Vermillion City, in the grassy area where there are trainers, there is a pond, and if you surf on it for a while, you get to fight a Psyduck! Psy-ai-ai!

g) Farfetch'd
- South of the hut where you get the Good Rod, there are two grassy areas. In the southern most one (you have to go into the bizarre maze on the left and "cut" through a plant to get to this grassy area), about one in 15 encounters ia a Farfetch'd! You can get them in the wild! Far-far-fetch'd!

h) Shellder
- Fish with the Super Rod along the cycling road, you can get a Shellder!

Can you catch 150 Pokémon?

Regardless of how many of the Pokémon on the list turn out to be catchable, even if you can get all 150, you can't "get" all 150. I count 145 minimum as the
very most you can get (without trading with a friend): You still can only have one of the Hitmon's from the karate dojo: Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan
b) You can still only get either Omanyte or Kabuto (thus only Omastar or Kabutops)
c) You only get one Eevee, hence one evolution, so you can;t get the other two.   However, you can SEE two evolutions if you do it right (remember Gary has one.).
Of course, look on Bill's computer and you see all three anyway.
And then there are the missing 13 on the list above.... bringing the number down to 132. Furthermore, it looks like you can get Machamp, but not Gengar,
Alkazam or Golem, so in total, I believe you can catch 129 without trading That's still more than the other colours though. The most you will ever SEE is 148 without trading/battling another cartridge. (whichever of the ancient Pokémon you don't get, you'll never see in an evolved form, unless you count the bones of the Kabutops in the museum. Which you don't). Without trading, you can never see a Golem either.

Unknown Dungeon

The layout of the last dungeon is slightly different, with more water sections. Also, there are different Pokémon inside from previously. These are the ones I have run into: Ryhorn, Rhydon, Ditto, Gloom, Golbat, Chansey, Graveller, Weepinbell, Sandslash, Likcitung, Seaking (use Super Rod) and, of course, Mewtwo.

Pokemon Yellow Gym Leaders

Due to the change in Pokémon in this game, certain trainers are easier or harder. Here's a guide to some of them.

a) Brock

Well, sucks to be you! Pikachu can't do anything against Onix or Geodude! (That hurts anyway) So, get a Caterpie, evolve it to Butterfree and use Confusion on them both, and they'll be dead in no time! Another option people are telling me is to use Mankey, but I never found a reason to. Butterfree destroys them.

b) Misty

A breeze. Pikachu = Electric. Misty's Pokémon = Water.

c) Lt. Surge

Boy that Raichu is tough. It uses Thunderbolt, and Mega Kick/Punch (could be either). Can it do a Body Slam? Unsure (it hits Pikachu with two on TV). Anyway, here are some suggestions:
a) I use my Butterfree. It's fast enough just to go before Raichu and I use Sleep Powder. There's about a 50% chance of it affecting him I have found. After that, just keep smashing him with Confusion, hoping he does not wake up. This should do quite well. My Butterfree was Level 29.
b) Use Diglett or Dugtrio, making sure either of them are over level 20. Keep using the Dig Attack and Raichu should lose within a few hits.
c) Do the same as above with Geodude (you will have to teach him dig).

d) Erika

Erika has had a change of Pokémon. Erika uses Weepinbell, Tangela, Gloom. (If you remember, she used those on the TV show). Seems to me like she is worse in this (on the Blue/Red she has Vileplume and Victreebell instead of Gloom and Weepinbell).

e) Koga

Koga uses four Pokémon, starting with three Venonats. They increase in levels, 40, 42 and 46. They all use Toxic (TM 06). His final Pokémon is a level 50 Venomoth! You should use Charizard with Slash or Ember, or a Scyther with Sword
Dance and Slash. Psychic attacks and "Rock Slide" are also helpful. (If you remember, Koga used Venonat/moth in the cartoon, but he did have Golbat too). In the original game, Koga used Koffing, Muk, Koffing, Weezing.

f) Sabrina

Originally she used Kadabra, Mr. Mime, Venomoth and Alkazam. Now she has gone all psychic and uses Abra, Kadabra, and Alkazam!
Abra: L50 Teleport, Flash, and i think Psywave
Kadabra: L50 Psywave, Recover, Psychic, and Kinesis
Alakazam: L50 Reflect, Psywave, Psychic, and Recover
My suggestion is to use Gyrados and attack Alkazam at least with Surf. I don't know why, but at the end of the game, when Gary Oak used his Alkazam, my Gyrados always puts it out with one hit using Surf. (If you remember the TV show, Sabrina uses Abra, but it evolves into Kadabra during the fight. Totally against the game....

g) Blaine

Blaine has Growlithe, Rapidash, Ponyta, and Arcanine. However, he uses the following now:
L48 Ninetales: Uses Confuse Ray, Flamethrower, Tail Whip, and Quick Attack.
L50 Rapidash: Uses Take Down, Fire Spin, Stomp, and Growl.
L54 Arcanine: Uses Take Down, Reflect, Flamethrower, and Fire Blast.

h) Giovanni

L50 Dugtrio: Uses Earthquake, Sand Attack, Dig, and Fissure.
L53 Persian: Uses Fury Swipes, Double Team, Screech, and Slash.
L53 Nidoqueen: Uses Thunder, Earthquake, Tail Whip, (unsure if it has 4th attack)
L55 Nidoking: Uses Thunder, Double Kick, Earthquake, and Leer.
L55 Rhydon: Uses Fury Attack, Earthquake, Horn Drill, and Rock Slide.

The only difference being that he has a Persian instead of a Rhyhorn (to Meowth's lament). Gyrados or flying Pokémon will defeat Dugtrio easily. Fighting Pokémon (Hitmonlee Rolling Kick) should defeat Persian no trouble. Nidoqueen and King are hard. The best strategy is to use Hypnosis or other forms of sleep, and then Dream Eater if available.. Rhydon can be taken down easily with water attacks.(Ash never faces Giovanni for badge 8 on the cartoon. He faces.... sigh... Team Rocket)

Pokémon Pinball

Pokémon Pinball Intro

A new game for the GameBoy, Pokémon Pinball is a game that allows you to play pinball with a Pokémon twist. But thats not all, it also uses new technology, a GameBoy Rumble Pak! The way the game works is as you score more points, shadows of different Pokémon appear. As you get more 'hits,' more of the Pokémon is revealed, until you know which Pokémon it is. At this point, you add the info to your Pokedex and move onto the next shadow. You also move around towns to play, starting off in Pallet and ending on the Indigo Platform. The goal is to get all 150 Pokémon.

Pokémon Card GB

Pokémon Card GB Intro

I don't have much info on this Game Boy game so far... All I know is that it's sort of like a sequel to blue/red but with cards. You get to use one of two new trainers, and you must travel around (new locations) and defeat all eight (new) gym leaders. Instead of meeting trainers along the road, you go into houses and play cards on a table. It also uses the new infrared things on top of the gameboy instead of a link cable to trade....

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