gamelcs1 Mrs. Gamel
Katy High School
Computer Science I Regular:

In Computer Science I Regular, students learn to program using C++,  the industry standard programming language programming languange. The following topics are studied:

1.  Hardware, Software, Computer Literacy
2.  Binary, Octal and Hexidecimal math systems
3.  Input and Output (cin and cout)
4.  Mathematical equations using addition,subtraction,
    multiplication, division, and modulous
5.  Void functions (program modularity)
6.  User-made libraries
7.  Loops (for, while, do while)
8.  Conditional statements:  (if and switch)
9.  Graphics programming
10. Functions with value and reference parameters
11. Vectors, Matrices and Strings
12. User-created data types (structs and enum)
13. USING classes (object-oriented programming)

Computer Science I AP - A studies all of the above AND:
14. Creating classes
15. C-style arrays, matrices, and strings
16. Case study for the AP exam

**The Computer Science I-A class prepares students to take the Computer Science A exam; successful completion on this exam usually earns 3 hours of college credit.
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