gamelcs2 Mrs. Gamel
Katy High School  
Computer Science II - AB

Students in Computer Science II - AB continue their study of C++; most of the year is dedicated to advanced data structures and abstract data types.  The following topics are studied during the year:

1.  Review of Computer Science IA
2.  Apvector, apmatrix, apstring
3.  Classes, in depth study
4.  Overloaded operators and functions
5.  Pointers
6.  Templated functions
7.  Linked lists
8.  Binary Trees (preorder, inorder, postorder transversal)
9.  Stacks
10. Queues
11. Recursion
12. Infix, prefix and postfix notations
13. Case study for the AP exam

Computer Science II AB prepares students for the Computer Science AB exam. Successful completion of this exam usually earns 6 hours of college credit.
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