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Senior Research Project

Choosing a Famous Person Topic

Description: A famous person is someone who has made a significant impact on the history of the world.  It is important that you focus on the change they make rather than the entire life of the person.

Controlling Purpose:  The controlling purpose of a famous person topic should be stated as follows:  

To show how _______________________ changed ________________________.  In the first blank you put the name of the famous person.  In the second blank you put what it was they had changed.

Use the following timline to develop your before, during and after preliminary questions.



1. What events occurred in this persons' life that prepared them for the time when they brought about the most significant change?

2. What training occurred in this persons' life that prepared them for the tie they brought about the change?

3. Why did this person want to make the change you are researching?


4. What change did this person bring about?

5. What methods did this person use to bring about the change you are researching?

6. Why did people support or not support the change this person brought about?

7. Why was this person successful in making the change(s) they made?


8. What immediate effect did this change have on the person you are investigating?

9. What effect did this change have on the people that were directly affected?

10. Was the change brought about by this person mostly positive, negative, or both?


Use these Preliminary Questions from above or ones that you have created when doing your research.  Your note cards should answer most of your preliminary questions.

Included with this web page are a list of web sites that you can use to begin your research.
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