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Hello, and welcome to Mrs. Garcia's English 9 website! Here you can read up on class policies and rules, play study games, and visit interesting links.

Your EDLINE account is your best friend! Use it to access our class page to track your progress, check important due dates, get links to helpful websites, and to communicate with me via email.

Please remember that field trips do NOT excuse you from work assigned. It is YOUR responsibility to check the Class Log to catch up on anything you missed: handouts, notes, etc.

Extra Help:
If you need any help with material from class, or want to talk about something else that's going on, please make an appointment to see me after school. I teach part-time, so I'm not in the building every day after school, but we can set a time that works for both of us. I'm happy to talk with you (or just listen) about anything you are concerned about.

Let's have a great year!

All homework is due at the beginning of the following class meeting, unless otherwise stated.

My Quia activities and quizzes
VW Unit 1 Games
4 word games to practice Unit 1 words
VW Unit 2 Synonyms
4 word games to practice Unit 2 synonyms
VW Unit 2 Antonyms
4 word games to practice Unit 2 antonyms
Vocab Workshop Unit 3
4 word games to practice Unit 3 words
Word Scramble: Unit 4
Unscramble the vocab words from Unit 4 to complete the sentences.
VW Unit 4
Games to practice Unit 4 words
VW Unit 5 Games
Games to practice Unit 5 words
VW Unit 6 Games
Games to practice Unit 6 words
VW Unit 8 Games
Games to practice Unit 8 words
VW Unit 8 Synonyms
Practice Unit 8 synonyms only here!
VW 9 Antonyms
Games to practice Unit 9 Antonyms
VW Unit 9 Synonym Games
Games to practice Unit 9 synonyms
Pronoun Practice
Games to practice your pronouns
Pronoun Practice
MORE games to practice MORE pronouns
Narrative Elements Practice Game
review the terms we use to discuss literature.
Shakespearean Vocab Study Games I
Basic Shakespeare vocab practice
Useful links
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