garnersclass Ms. Garner
Honey Cove Elementary 3rd grade teacher
The homework assignments for the week of March 13-17 are as follows:

Monday:  Spelling- Write words 5 times each.
        Math- Page 195 numbers 1-5 in the text book.
Tuesday: Spelling- Do page 98 parts B and C.

Wednesday: Spelling- Do "Build Word Power" p.99. Pretest is
          tomorrow-100% means you do not have to take test
          Social Studies- Ch.1 review p.75 -test is

Thursday: Spelling- P.100 Reach out for More Words parts
         A and B. Test is tomorrow.
         Social Studies- Ch.1 pre-test pg. 76 in the text
         book. Test is tomorrow.

Friday: No Homework! Enjoy your weekend.

A reminder, there is a field trip to the zoo on March 24th. Permission slips and money are due on March 20th. We still need chaperones, so please send a note if you are interested.
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