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Midway Middle School Pre-AP/Venture History
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*Here are the important dates for the History Fair:

October 13  Ten annotated sources
October 27  Ten annotated sources
November 10 Rough draft of process paper or research paper
December 4  Project is due to teacher
December 6  History Fair at Midway Middle School
December 6  History Fair Open House 6:30-7:30 pm Middle 
            School Library.
December 7  Parents and family invited to come during the
            day to view History Fair Exhibits.

November 27  April Morning Part 2  Chapter 8 Worksheets issued for 1st through 4th periods. 
November 28  ITBS Testing and I will be at a Computer Workshop for the Midway ISD
November 29  COGAT Testing
November 30  Founding Fathers Documentary.  A subsitute will be in class today because I have TIF computer training at the Region 12 Service Center.
December 1  Founding Fathers Documentary
December 4  Founding Fathers Documentary and History Fair projects are to be turned in.
December 5  Founding Fathers Documentary
December 6  Founding Fathers Test and History Fair.  I will be out of class and in the library at the History Fair but my substitute will be administering the test.  
December 7  Chapter 8 Review
December 8  Chapter 8 Test
December 11 Chapter 9 Introduction

As you can see parents and family members are invited to an open house to see the History Fair Exhibits on December 6 and during the day at school on December 7.
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