Sanford Middle
Type all your answers in Word; use complete sentences.  Answers to all these questions can be found on the Internet.

1. How long was Steve Jobs in college?
2. What happened to the first computer that Wozniac built?
3. Who worked for Atatri?
4. How old were Jobs and Wozniac when they formed Apple?
5. What did Paul Allen and Bill Gates develop for Altair?
6. How much did the Apple II cost in 1977?
7. How much money did Microsoft make in 1978?
8. In 1985, Jobs and Woz left Apple, and 1,200 employees
   were laid off. Microsoft was ten years old. What were
   their sales figures that year?
9. Jobs new company was NeXT.  He invested in which
   Film Studio?
10.What were Microsoft's yearly sales for 1989?
11.How much did NeXT's first computer cost?
12.What year did Woz begin teaching?
13.How many Microsoft users were there in 1993?
14.What one thing (not Apple) made Jobs a millionaire? When?
15.Who owns WebTV?
16.Who owns MSNBC?
17.Who owns Internet Explorer?
18.Who owns NeXT?
19.Where did Jobs and Woz meet?
20.Where did Paul Allen and Bill Gates meet?


Write a short essay in your own words to describe both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.  Include the ways they are the same and how they are different.  Also include what important things each one  has done.  Type this on a separate page in Word.  Yes, you must have a header!
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