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Loraine T. Golbow Elementary Loraine T. Golbow Elementary
Welcome to the third grade page!  School is back in full force!  Here are some skills and activities that you can reinforce at home.

1.  Practice basic addition and subtraction facts every day!
a.  Use flashcards or have your child make thier own.
b.  Quiz each other on math facts!

2.  Read with your child every day! Read a chapter book together.  Take turns reading to each other. Let them ask questions and you ask questions using who, what, when, where, why.

3.  In science we are studying the scientific method.Ask your child what they have been learning from their experiments.

4.  In social studies we are working on map skills.  Have your child be a navigator when you go to the grocery store.  Review cardinal directions by finding North and then find the rest of the cardinal directions.  

5.  AR is up and running.  Point scales and levels will be posted soon. Students need to bring their last year's AR chains so they can put their new tags from this year on them. Read!  Read!  Read!

6.  Golbow PTA Fundraiser is due September 6th.

7.  Planners that the students write their homework in must be signed every night except Friday.

8.  FYI...Third Grade program is scheduled to be in November.  The specific day and time will be announced later.

Thank you students and parents for a wonderful start to the 2000/2001 school year!  Remember to reinforce skills at home that students are learning at school!  That way your child will know that you value their education and want him/her to do his/her best!
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