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Loraine T. Golbow Elementary Loraine T. Golbow Elementary
Thank You for coming to check up on what is going on in Fourth Grade.

We are anxiously awaiting the TAAS Test Results as we know you are too.  The students have been working extra hard in mastering their objectives.

Math- In math the last 6 weeks we will be studying about measurement and fractions.  Please ask your child to estimate how much an item weighs at the grocery store and  let them use the scale to see how close they were.  Please keep studying the math facts of division and multiplication.  The students are expected to know these facts when they go to 5th grade next year.

Reading-  In reading the last 6 weeks the students will be studying poetry and lemiericks.  Please ask your child to share some of their poetry with you.

Spelling-  Spelling homework will continue to be assigned nightly until the end of the school year.  Please remind your child to do their homework and study their spelling words.

Science-  In science we are finishing up our Ocean Projects and we will review Artropods for our Outdoor Learning Center Field Trip.  We will continue to study the digestive system in health.

Social Studies-  In social studies we are finishing our study of Texas history and will be learning about the Civil War.

Important Dates:
April 14, at lunchtime- Hot Dog the TAAS Test is Over Party
April 21, and April 24  Student Holiday
May 3- AM-- Mrs. Coffey and Mrs. Lopez' Classes to OLC
May 4- AM-- Mrs. Wilson and Ms. McNeil's Classes to OLC
      PM-- Mrs. Sullivan and Mrs. Randazzo's Classes to OLC
May 18--AR Skating Party for those students who earned 40 points this year in AR
May 23-- 10:00 am Awards Ceremony in the gym

***  Please remember to check your childs planner nightly.
***  Remember to shop online at is a fundraiser for Golbow and up to 20% of what you purchase comes back to Golbow.

The Fourth Grade Teachers would like to thank you for visiting our web page.  Thank you so much in your support with the teachers this year.  Enjoy your summer!!
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