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Wissahickon Middle School 7 Gems Science Teacher
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Important Dates to Remember
Chapter 3 test (including DNA/section 4.1) Monday, 2/25
Activities for the Week of February 18, 2002:

Monday, February 18, 2002

Tuesday February 19, 2002 Day 5
Special Presentation...Aldersgate Drug Prevention
No Science classes today

Wednesday, February 20, 2002, Day 6
Class Work: DNA Structure...Making DNA Models
Homework: Vocab Review worksheet

Thursday, February 21, 2002, Day 1
Classwork: Chapter Review
Homework: Finish Chapter review pages 74-75: #1-15 all, 18-24 EVENS ONLY and study for test!

Friday, February 22 ,2002 Day 2
Classwork: Finish DNA models and review
Homework:  Study for test!

Chapter Three Extra Credit Project
Evaluate 2 scilinks websites for chapter 3

Enrichment project: Make a 3-D DNA model ..obtain details from extra credit folder in classroom

My Quia activities and quizzes
Cell Organelles and Their Functions
Cell Organelles and Their Functions
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