genchem1 Prof. Gaul
Quincy College General Chem. 1 instructor
June 2


How is your studying going?
Well, if you have done the assignments, then you should be ready for a quiz.  Go to the chang web site below, click on student aids, quizzes, and take the chapter quizzes.  You will receive a grade and the correct answers.  These quizzes  are for your own edification and do not count toward your grade.

June 15

Jim Foley asked about extra credit.  Go to the chang web site below. Click on student aids, then chem quest.  There are extra credit assignments available for each chapter.  You should be able to do those for chapters 1-3, but we did not cover the material for chapter 4.  Email me your answers.  This will count towards your grade but I dont know how much at this time.

June 22

You can do up to 4 extra credit chem quests if you wish.
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