generalmusic Mrs. Agria
Coleytown Middle School - Music Gen.Music, 5-8, Choruses
Welcome to Coleytown and General Music. All sections are busy working on taping selections for Kids For Kids, as finished tapes are due this week.

Also coming up - our Spring concerts, as follows:
Grade 6 Concert - Thursday, May 4
Grade 5 Concert - Tuesday, May 9, also featuring Boys' Barbershop Singers and Girls' Select Chorus
Grade 7/8 Concert - Thursday, May 11.

In General Music - 8th grade sections are in the midst of presenting their projects on Musicals.

7th grade sections will be exploring 20th century composers and some of their works

6th grade sections are studying music of the decades - now on the 40's and 50's.

5th grade groups have been singing songs having to do with the environment and Earth Day.
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