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Welcome to Fabulous 5th Grade January 20, 2003

Where Character Counts, and We Read to Succeed!

This page is intended to help parents and students be informed about assignments, announcements, and other useful information such as tests, projects, book reports, and later review links
Spelling Unit 19- Unit textbook p. 121-122-123. Final test Friday. We will have 20 basic words and 10 spelling vocab/challenge.
Math-We have been working on decimal division, percent and fractions. We review weekly long division and multiplication. Check your child's math fact for multiplication. Some stuents are having trouble in math due to not knowing the facts.
Reading--Book Report 7 will be due February 5. We are required to read 20 minutes nightly and bring a signed log back to school. It is a grade. Some students have not brought one back for weeks.
Social Studies-We are studying the Declaration of Independence and are currently working in chapter 12.We will discuss this document in depth and continue with the Revolutionary War. Next will be government branches and the Constitution.
English--commas, quotations. We are stressing writing skills between now and February 11 when we have state mandated tests. We will hve practice writing sessions weekly. We will be looking at examples of good writing.
Science-We are finshing Chapter 1 unit C, The Changing Earth. Test probably Wednesday. The Earth's Resources are coming up next.
Computer-We are working on powerpoints of our elementary years and learning to make web pages. Parents--Please check with your child about completing assignments on time. Students who are absent are given one day for each day absent. Responsibility is getting their work in on time.
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