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Lower Dauphin Middle School Geography and Pre-Algebra instructor
It's week #2!  Are you ready to get started after the long, enjoyable 4-day vacation?  I am.

Here's what to expect this week:

In class Tuesday (White) or Wednesday (Blue):

Finish reviewing Mrs. Levis' procedures.
Explain quiz format and share with students the BIGGEST procedures to follow.
Discuss study hint #1:  When studying, do the harder subjects first.

Books should be covered when coming to class Tuesday or Wednesday!


Prepare for quiz over procedures and remember to bring procedures papers with you.

In class Thursday (White) or Friday (Blue):

This is Mrs. Levis' challenge day.  I will name each of you as you enter class.  If I must ask you to tell me your name, the entire class receives one bonus point on the quiz.

Take quiz over procedures.
Complete DOG (Daily Oral Geography) #1.
Assemble notebook.  There will be two papers in your notebook: the syllabus and the procedures papers.
Discuss study hint #2:  Study for 20 minutes, then take a 5 minute break.


Bear with me as I learn how to be more creative with this page of information.

Until next time,

Mrs. Levis
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