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Welcome to Mrs. Kasler's Social Studies!

The week of September 11 our classes will be completing our study of geography terms and concepts and the 5 themes of geography. I have created a review quiz that can be accessed at the website below.

Our schedule for this week includes:

  Geotheme 3 handed out and due Thursday for Kasler's class and Friday for Beverage's class.
   Time For Kids has arrived! These are kid versions of the Time magazine. Students enjoy reading these colorful pamphlets and they address several social studies objectives. This week will focus on analyzing maps and graphs and looking at democratic processes. A handout will be given in class, with a word search to be completed for homework.
  We will also review definitions for  latitude and longitude lines. Ohio Book page 22 questions 1-8 will be due Wednesday(Beverage) and Thursday (Kasler).


  Practice of finding absolute locations using latitude and longitude grids will be done in class.  Pairs of students will be asked to create their own 5 questions dealing with coordinates.  A handout of questions will be given for homework to reinforce classroom concepts. **Kasler's class's Geotheme 3 is due.**


  Mrs. Beverage's class will create A-Z Geography booklets to help reinforce geography terms and concepts.   **Beverage's Class's Geotheme 3 is due.**
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