geographyintro Mrs. Mund
Master's Academy and College L.A./Social Instructor
A Geography Of Canada and the United Staes--Introdusction

1. What is Geography?
-the study of places and people

2. What is a geographer?
-a person who studies places and people, why they are different and how they are affected by the environment

3. What skills must geographers have?
-able to write about places, make maps, interpret photographs and drawings, use facts and figures (math calculations)

4.Geography is a study nof five main themes. List these.
-location, place, interaction, movement, regions

5.What is location?
-Where the place is
-includes absolute (using latitude and longitude degrees) and relative (describing) location

6.What is place?
-What the land looks like, what the climate is like and what the people do

7.What is interaction?
-how people interact with each other and the environment

8.What is movement?
-how people, products and ideas are transferred from place to place

9.What are regions?
-places which have common geography
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