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President George Washington

1     Everywhere you look in America today you see some reminder of George Washington, our country's first president. Even though he was born in Virginia, all across the county people remember him and put his name on streets, cities, schools, and many other buildings. There is even a state have been named after him. The Washington Monument was built in his memory in Washington, D.C. Every one dollar bill carries a picture of our first president. He was called Father of our Country because he was such a great leader.
2     George led a good life for most of the time he was growing up. He was born on February 22, 1732 in Virginia, to Augustine Washington and his second wife. When George turned eleven, his father died. George was sent to live with his half-brother Lawrence. His mother was not up to the task of raising him. George learned many things while living with Lawrence. His brother was in the militia. The military then became part of his life. Lawrence owned a plantation. George learned the secrets of being a good farmer by helping him. He had once threatened to run away to the sea. Instead, he studied to become a surveyor. He wanted to help the colonists open up the new frontier. He helped mark property lines for new farms and roads.
3     George became a soldier during the French and Indian War. He proved himself a leader in the British army. When Lawrence died suddenly, George left the military to take over his brother's plantation. Mount Vernon became the focus of his life. He married Martha Custis and became a gentleman farmer. George became involved in local politics and won a seat in the Virginia House of Burgesses.
4     The colonists were feeling the sting of King George's taxes. They did not like being taxed without having a say in what was going on. If the king needed money, he needed to find somewhere else to get it. Talking and boycotts were not going to change the king's mind. It was time to fight.
5     George Washington was asked to take charge of the unorganized local militias. He turned them into an army strong enough to face the awesome British force. He was named Commander in Chief of the Continental army. He led the army through five years of battles. He was present for the surrender of the British army at Yorktown in 1781.
6     Washington's plan was to retire to his home at Mount Vernon after the Revolutionary War. This plan was short lived. In 1789, the congress of the nation needed a leader to pull all the parts together. George Washington was the man they chose to be the first President of the United States. He again accepted the role of leader on April 30, 1789.
7     He and Martha spent the next eight years in New York City, the first American capital. He helped Congress and the people set up a foundation for the government still standing today. George Washington is just one of the many men who dedicated their lives to building a new country. This new country would hear every person's voice. George Washington believed in freedom and equality. He believed in doing his part to earn those freedoms.

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