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First District RESA Technology Consultant
Welcome to InTech!

This is an example of a class page that is easy to create and is free. Students and parents can find information such as homework assignments, field trip notices, upcoming events--any information that the teacher chooses to include.  Teachers can provide links to activities/games/quizzes/tests that they have created or links to other great resources on the web.

Take a few minutes to browse the Quia website by clicking on the Quia link below.  You'll be able to find teacher-created activities/materials and get detailed information about the Quia website. ¬†

Also, take the InTech quiz listed below to see how the testing feature works.  Students can take a test and receive immediate feedback, but the results are not saved.

Use the quiz session log-in link at the bottom of the page to get an example of the test format that students will see when the results are saved for teacher review (login is georgia intech).

There are several different game formats to preview.  These are some short examples of how the programs work.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Georgia InTech Quiz
InTech Pop-Ups
Pop-up Example
InTech Jumbled Words
Jumbled Words Example
InTech Hangman
Hangman Example
InTech Challenge Board
Challenge Board Example
Useful links
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