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Kingwood H.S. 9th Grade Campus World Geography--KH-9
World Geography Assignments

Unit 8:
Chapter 19 & 20: Africa, South of the Sahara

The Chapter 20 TEST will be Tuesday, March 20.
It is the last test of the Six Weeks. Prepare for it.
Try the Chapter 20 vocabulary games and look over the Review Questions on pp 516 & 518.

PowerPoint Projects have been assigned.

PowerPoint Project Guidelines & Instructions:

Assign projectSelect topics & begin research in Lab #804 March 5 & 6
Continue researching on your own.
Students may work in the computer lab before and after school until (March 30) the last day we work in Lab. After Presentations begin, only absent students with teacher passes will be permitted to continue working in the lab on their projects.
Classes meet in Library Computer LabMarch 26 to March 30. PowerPoint slides are created this week.
Presentation of Projects in Library April 2 to April 6.

Students need an 9” X 12” Envelope to keep their project in. Label the outside:
Contents of your envelope:
1. Planning Packet
2. Grade Sheet
3. Script-Typed with heading
4. Works Cited Page
5. Print out of PPt slides
* Students will Receive Grade Sheets for guidance. Place it in envelope.
*Work on Script & Planning Packets.  Script  will reflect info for Oral  Presentation
* Planning Packets  are rough drafts
* Works Cited will be typed out and turned in with your Print outs.
* Print out your PowerPoint slides on Friday, March 30. Place this copy in your Envelope.

We will be drawing for # order of Presentation. Approximately 7 students per day will be presenting. Block Days will accommodate more students

Chapter 19 Study Questions----due Friday 2/9/01
Physical Map of Africa----due Mon. 2/12/01
Political Map of Africa----due Tues. 2/13/01
Cultural Diversity Essays are due Friday,2/16/01            The prize is a one-week summer camp experience at Anytown, USA
Chapter 20 Study Questions---due Monday, 2/26/01

MAP TEST over all of Africa is scheduled for Friday, 3/2
         Receive your review Maps on Block Day, 2/27 & 2/28


Chapter 19 Test was Tuesday, Feb. 20. It has 30 objective questions and 20 map identification items. Be sure to study notes, textbook, study ?'s, and maps.

Helpful extras--

Flash cards for vocabulary

Play my Hangman Game for Chapter 19 Vocabulary!!!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Chapter 20 Vocabulary
Hangman Game for Chapter 19 Vocabulary
Australia and New Zealand GAME
Chapter 10 Vocabulary--Flashcards
Chapter 10 Vocabulary--Flashcards
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