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Don't forget to use your computer to help you study your German!  You can find all sorts of study guides and games to help you with your German!  Try a game of hangman or unscramble some vocabulary, play a game of Jeopardy or concentration.  If you want to use flashcards, you'll find it here!  Try a "link" and create your own German card... send me one!  Also, try to create your own puzzles for extra credit!  Viel Spaß!  Sometimes you'll have to look for the chapter (Kapitel)we're working on because the games and quizzes might not be in order!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Kapitel 1- Komm mit
Lots of vocabulary practice here! Flashcards, concentration, ect.
Kapitel 1-Komm mit!
This is like Jeopardy! Play with a partner or by yourself!
Kapitel 1- Komm mit!
Komm mit! Kapitel 1
Practice vocabulary!
Komm mit! Kapitel 1
Practice the verb "sein" = "to be"
Practice putting numbers in order from smallest to largest
Komm mit! Kapitel 1- Wer bist du?
Do you want to win DM 1 000 000?
Subject Pronouns and the Verb "sein" (to be): session subject pronouns and the verb "to be"
Take a quiz on-line and send it to me!
Subject Pronouns and the Verb "sein" (to be)
Practice quiz on the verb "to be" using correct pronouns too!
Komm mit! 1- Kapitel 2
Play a jeopardy-type game alone or with a partner!
Komm mit! Kapitel 3- Erste Stufe
Help yourself learn the vocab. in section 1 by playing games!
Komm mit! 1- Kapitel 3- Erste Stufe
Take a Quiz and see how smart you are!
Komm mit! 1- Kapitel 3- Zweite Stufe
Vocab related to funiture and describing furniture
Komm mit! 1- Kapitel 3- Dritte Stufe
Vocab related to family members and describing family members
Komm mit! 1- Kapitel 3- Dritte Stufe
Vocab related to numbers from 20-100
Komm mit! 1 -Kapitel 3
A jeopardy type game for one or two players related to vocab. in Chapter 3
Kapitel 4- Erste Stufe- Talking about class schedules
Help yourself learn vocabulary from the first section of chapter 4
Kapitel 4- Zweite Stufe
Learn vocabulary expressing likes, dislikes, favorites, grades, good and bad news
Kapitel 4- Challenge Board
Play a jeopardy type game by yourself or with a partner
Komm mit! Kapitel 5
Practice vocab from chapter 5
Practice putting numbers in order from least to greatest!
Komm mit! Kapitel 1- Wer bist du?
Who wants to be a Millionaire- German style!
Subject Pronouns and the Verb "sein" (to be)
Take a quiz! (ich,du,er,sie (she),sie(they)/bin,bist,ist,sind)
Colors of the rainbow!
Do you know the colors of the rainbow? Put them in order!
Months of the year
Do you know the order of the months of the year? Put them in order!
Subject pronouns
Kapitel 3- Change nouns to pronouns! (er, sie or es)
Hangman: Kapitel 3- Zweite Stufe
Kapitel #3- Zweite Stufe- Things in your bedroom
Family Names
Practice vocabulary related to family names
Body parts!
Can you figure out which body part it is?
From the tip of your head to the bottom of your toes
Figure out the order of the body parts
kapitel 4 quiz
Definite articles and pronouns
Use pronouns as the subject or the direct object
Subject pronouns: session kapitel 3 quiz
Subject pronouns- er, sie, or es
Kapitel 5- Challenge Board
Play "Jeopardy" with a partner
Chapter 5 Quiz: session quiz for chapter 5
Here's a challenge! Fill in with the correct der/die/das/den or ein/eine/einen or er/sie/es or ihn/sie/es. WOW!
Personal ID vocabulary
Learn personal ID vocabulary!
Personal ID vocabulary
Irregular Verbs
A new game! Practice those pesky verbs! How much money can you win? Can you beat your friends?
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