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North Syracuse Central Schools German Instructor
Willkommen!  Here you will find games to help you learn your vocabulary!  Come back often to sharpen your German skills.  This will give you a place to practice your vocabulary and review past vocabulary!  Practice correct verb forms!

My Quia activities and quizzes
Time and Numbers in German - (copy)
This will help you review numbers!
The verb "wollen"
The verb "dürfen"
The Verb "können"
The Verb "mögen"
The verb "müssen"
The verb "haben"
The verb "sein"
The verb "sollen"
DA2 Kapitel 1 Lektion A
Means of Transportation - (copy)
Deutsch Aktuell II Kapitel 1
Vokabeln Kapitel 2 Deutsch Aktuell II
DA2 K1 Üben wir Reise Vokabeln!
Reflexive Pronoun Practice
Past tense of Modals
Sein und Haben
Which country is it?
Deutschland (Geographie)
Match past tense sentences in German and English
Wie waren die Ferien
Past tense of modals--practice
zu Hause helfen - (copy)
DA2 Kapitel 2 Im Sommer Lektion A
Reflexive Verbs
Useful links
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