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The quia exercises listed on this page accompany chapters from Deutsch Aktuell, Books 1 and 2, 4th ed.


**How to make accented letters on your PC in Windows:

You will need to use a combination of holding the Alt-key down while pressing three numbers, one after the other, using the number pad (to the far right on your keyboard).

Ä =  Alt 654              ä = Alt 132

Ö =  Alt 153              ö = Alt 148

Ü =  Alt 154              ü = Alt 129

ß =  Alt 225

**How to make accented letters on your Mac:

Press Option-key and U (while continuing to hold Option-key), then release.  Then type the letter you wish to have with an Umlaut (a, o, or u; shift + a, o, or u for capital letters)  For ß  press the Option-key and hold while pressing the s - key.

Ä =  Option+u  then Shift a  ä = Option+ u then a

Ö =  Option+u  then Shift o  ö = Option+ u then o

Ü =  Option+u  then Shift u  ü = Option+ u then u

ß =  Option+s
My Quia activities and quizzes
DA II Kap 2 Reflexive Pronomen (acc/dat)
Fill in the correct reflexive pronoun
DA II Kap. 2 Verbs of personal hygiene (pres. perfect and with müssen)
Fill in the correct form of the verb
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