germanatscales Frau Klevan
W.P. Scales Elementary German FLES instructor
Guten Tag! This is Frau Klevan's German Page for Scales Elementary. You can practice your German here by playing games online.

Frau Klevan will no longer be teaching German at Scales but will be moving to Minnesota. You can still contact her at the email address listed on this page, and she will still be putting cool stuff on this web page for you to look at.

Keep practicing your foreign languages and good luck with Spanish next year!!

Adios and Auf Wiedersehen!

My Quia activities and quizzes
Die Farben (colors)
Die Zahlen (numbers)
Die Familie (the family)
Das Essen (food)
Das Tierreich (The Animal Kingdom)
Der K├Ârper (The Body)
Gib mir Deutsch Marks! (German Geography)
Frau Klevans Klassenzimmer (Ms. Klevan's Classroom)
Die Zahlen (Numbers)
Die Monate (The Months)
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