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This page is desinged to provide students of German an opporutnity to review and practice their grammatical skills.  This page is a work in progress.  There will bemany additions to come.

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My Quia activities and quizzes
Present Tense Verb Review
Conjugation of the verb SEIN
Conjugate the verb SOLLEN
Kapitel 5 A: Conjugating the verb möchten
Past Participles
Past Participles
Practicing the conjugation of HABEN
Practicing the forms of HATTEN
Practicing the Past Tense for THE FINAL VERB QUIZ
Present Perfect Tense - IRREGULAR WEAK VERBS
Present Perfect Tense: Stong Verbs (includes IMPERFEKT FORMS as well)
Present Perfect Tense - WEAK VERBS
Strong Verbs - Principle Parts of Verbs
Working with WAREN
2 Way Prepositions: The verb liegen/legen - stellen/stehen - hängen and stecken
Dative Verbs
Accusative Case Pronouns
Adjective Endings Follow ing EinWords
Adjective Endings Following Definite Articles / Dieser Words
Conjugating regular verbs
Dative Verbs
Imperfekt - backen to fallen
Irregular Verbs - Present Tense
Kapitel 10 C: The verb Mögen
Kapitel 2 C: sich etwas brechen
Practicing Past Tense #1
Practicing the verb dürfen
sich fit-halten
Regular Verb Conjugation
Subjunctive: haben/sein/modals/weak verbs
The Accusative Case: The Direct Object
The Dative Case: Dative Prepositions
The Dative Case: Indirect Object (Kapitel 11 A)
The Genitive Case - Possession
The Nominative and Accusative Case: Review
The Nominative Case
Two Way Prepositions (1)
Two Way Prepositions (2) (Location Only)
Two Way Prepositions (3) (Direction Only)
Wer, Wen,Wem oder Wessen?
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