Biggar High School Deutschlehrerin
Oktober - November 2007

Willkommen in die Klassenseite der siebten Klasse.

Use your class page to help you to practise and revise key vocabulary and structures from your lessons.

The current page covers activities from the first two units "Hallo" and "Du und ich" from "Auf Deutsch 1", and countries and nationalitites from "Logo"  for practice and revision.

Use the links to "Languages Online"  for further practice of these areas, or log into the school network and try "Echo Elektro", especially to hear pronunciation of key words.

Extra!  For some reading practice, try out some of the web sites in your "links" section! These are from popular German TV programmes for young people, like "Kindernetz". Use these sites to help you practise extra reading in German.  You can print out any particular features which interest you.

SWR Kindernetz is an Internet site especially for children and young people.  Take the tour of the "virtuelle Stadt" with links to web-pages made up by German pupils of your age. Go to the "Spielplatz" section for different games and "Thema" for articles on a variety of topics, from profiles about different animals to sport and culture of different countries.
My Quia activities and quizzes
A simple gap-filling task to revise very basic personal details.
Welches Land?
Revise the names of different countries - use the clues to work out the country and unscramble the letters to find it.
The pronouns
Make sure you know the subject pronouns in German - words for "he", "we" etc.
Was hast du in deiner Schultasche?
Classroom items in German. How well do you know them? Use this hangman game to find out.
Welche Farbe?
Practice in recognising the colours in German. Can you work out each one from its description of the item or character?
Parlez-vous Deutsch?
Test yourself in this French-German match-up activity by finding the German and French words or phases which mean the same.
"Haben" and "sein".
These two important verbs, "haben" (to have) and "sein" (to be) have to be learned by heart. Check how well you know them so far.
Useful links
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