Biggar High School 2G Deutschlehrkraefte
Mai 2007

You'll still find revision activities on Mein Alltag - daily routine - and Die Umgebung - places in and around town on the class page.

Expressing what is wrong with you - illnessess, aches and pains, and how you feel - is our current topic, and you will find activities to practise the vocabulary for this .

Revision of key topics from S1 and S2 so far, including points of grammar, are included in some of the other activities on the class page through its Links section to Internet sites. "Languagesonline" allows you to practise and revise vocabulary or grammar by selcting different topics

Extra! Remember, there are some web sites in your "Useful links" section from German websites  - like:

""Kindernetz" and "Essen und Trinken", plus links to sites for German TV channels where you can find out about up-to-date programmes.

Use these to help improve your READING skills in German. You can print out any articles which interest you in particular. Watch out for more web sites appearing in your "Useful links" section.  .
My Quia activities and quizzes
Wieviel Uhr ist es?
Pracice in telling the time in German.
Present tense of weak verbs "spielen"
Revise basic verb endings.
Die Uhrzeit
More practice in understanding the time.
"Haben" and "sein".
Revise these two important verbs, making sure you know all the parts.
The pronouns
Check that you know the subject pronouns in German to match with parts of verbs.
Verbs, verbs, verbs!
A selection of verbs you should be familiar with for saying what you do.
Was machst du jeden Tag?
Practice in describing your daily routine.
Ein typischer Schultag
Pracice in writing a paragraph about your daily routine - including times and different activities.
Was hast du in deiner Schultasche?
Revision of basic vocabulary for things you need for school.
Wo machst du das?
Saying where you do different activities: revision of parts of the house.
Was mache ich...?
Work out the verb each time by unjumbling each verb.
Das bin ich Kapitel 6
For Unit 6, vocabulary for parts of the body and expressing what hurts.
Asking the way
Understanding directions to places.
Die Geschäfte in meiner Stadt.
A Level E / F task about the shops in town. Gap-filling activity.
Wo kann man das kaufen?
Where can you buy these things? Revision of vocabulary for shops.
In der Stadt
Places in town.
On the move
Vocabulary for different ways of travelling.
Was kann man bei dir machen?
Saying what you can do in different places.
Was machst du, wenn .....?
Unit 6 - "wenn" clauses to practise changes in word order.
Useful links
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