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Februar 2008

Hallo, Leute, und Willkommen in die Klassenseite der achten Klasse!

Talking about things to do in different areas is our main topic at the moment, and you will find vocabulary and language structures to practise the Perfect Tense in the "Activities" section and in the  "Languagesonline" link in the "Useful links" section of this page. Select the "Grammar" section in Languagesonline  and click on "Word prder" or "Perfect Tense", then work through the exercises.

There are some revision activities to help with writing and speaking for your exams - like gap-filling tasks (cloze) ,which you can either cut and paste to your own work area, or print out once corrected.

Using different topic areas, like Home, School, Food and Drink, Shopping etc.  you can revise from the GCSE link -  go to German revision and click on the topic of your choice - or use the link to BBC Bitsize to practise some Listening tasks on-line and  the link to the S1 and S2 class pages to revise basic vocabulary from previous years. "Languagesonline" provides lots of vocabulary revision - again listed by topics - and some which link to your "Logo" book.

To practise verbs in  the past tense, go to activities like  "Practically Perfect" and revise the parts of "Haben and sein", then the activities on past participles.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Practically perfect
Use to revise past tense forms of important verbs.
Practically perfect - again!
More past tense verbs to practise.
"Haben" and "sein".
Make sure that you know these two important verbs for making up the Perfect Tense.
German - perfect tense / past participles
Practise the past participle forms of frequently-used verbs.
The pronouns
Revision of subject pronouns to match with verbs.
A perfect finish
Put together the correctforms of the perfect tense.
Practically perfect - again!
Unscramble the letters to make up the past participle of each verb.
Urlaub in der Schweiz
A gap-filling task to practise writing about a past holiday.
Meine Sommerferien
A more complicated text to complete with the correct parts of the perfect tense.
Useful links
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