Biggar High School Deutschlehrerinnen
April - Mai 2009

Wiederholung! - Revision

Use the links to your earlier class pages (from S1-S3) to revise key vocabulary and structures. The link to "Languages Online" gives you the opportunity to revise vocabulary in different topic areas and also key points of grammar.  Work your way through them for quick recognition of vocabulary for Listening and Reading. For the "Medien" topic, go to the "Languagesonline"  link and select the Logo 3 resources.

Revise vocabulary by topic using the GCSe site from Channel 4's s-cool site.

There are some general activities to remind you of the use of past tense and other points of grammar -  like modal verbs.

Grammar points are indicated in the description of the activity:  concentrate on accuracy of verbs, cases, tenses etc.
Exercises on revising past tense forms and making up questions are also available in the activities section.

For General and Credit Reading, use the links to authentic German Internet sites. These take you to other web-sites, including online links to German magazine, TV , music and sport items, as well as the latest news headlines (Schlagzeilen) via Yahoo Deutschland.Use these articles for the skill of reading for information.  You don't have to understand everything to get the point of a particular article. You can print them out to read in more detail if you're short of time online. The link to "Klaro", with news items for children in German is also a good source of reading material for comprehension.

Essen und Trinken is the web-site of the German "food and drink" programme where you can find recipes and information.  Good reading and vocab. practice. The SWR Kindernetz also has useful items for reading practice in the "virtuelle Stadt" or " Sitemap" sections.

***  Careers Extra!   Go to the link for the Modern Languages Learning Environment to find out about careers with languages through the profiles of some people whose work involves using their linguistic skills.     ***
My Quia activities and quizzes
Modal maze
The verbs you need for saying what you have to or want to or are allowed to do.
"Haben" and "sein".
Reminder of these two important verbs - needed to make up perfect tense forms.
Urlaub in der Schweiz
Revision of past tense - describing a holiday.
Meine Sommerferien
More detailed description of a past holiday.
German - perfect tense / past participles
Make sure that yo know these commonly-used verbs.
Verbs, verbs, verbs!
General revision of verbs - past and present tenses.
A "modal" student
More practice using modal verbs
Model modals
Check that you know all the modal verbs with this matching activity.
TV or not TV...
Different types of Tv programmes and films
Useful links
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