Biggar High School Deutschlehrerinnen
Januar 2009.

Einen guten Rutsch ins neue jahr beginnt mit Wiederholung, weil die Examen bald da sind!

Die alte Seite von S4 ist immer noch da, also zur Wiederholung schadet das nichts.

Besonders wichtig jetzt ist die Grammatik, also ran an die Arbeit!

Use the "languagesonline" link to practise and revise various points of grammar - eg Perfect Tense and forms with "haben" and "sein", as well as vocabulary from a number of topics(some linked to the "Logo" book you used in S3 and S4).

Try some of the links to German language websites to practise more complex reading tasks, or listen into some German radio stations (Mike's German radio has a selection). Kindernetz has reading and some audio files on a variety of topics, from famous inventions (like the ice-lolly ) to biographies of famous people like Nelson Mandela.

Also, viel SpaƟ!
My Quia activities and quizzes
On the case
Get your cases right! Nouns and pronouns
Model modals
How well do you know your modal verbs? Check them out!
German - perfect tense / past participles
Revision of basic past participles for using perfect tense
Practically perfect
More exercises on past tense - you should be getting good by now!
Verbs, verbs, verbs!
For VERY basic revision - our old friend the present tense!
Making sense...
Again, VERY simple basic sentences - present tense.
Practically perfect - again!
Just when you thought it was safe - the perfect tense pops up again!
Pronomen und der Relativsatz
Practice in the use of different forms of pronouns, including relative clauses.
Eine Reise nach Salzburg
Practice in points of grammar and directed writing for Higher.
Useful links
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