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Our section section of chapter 6 will be dealing with new vocabulary about places to go, making plans, and weekend schedules.

In the third section of Chapter 6, we'll be talking extensively about German foods/cuisine and visiting restaurants in Germany.  We'll be creating a Classroom Cookbook or "Klassenzimmer Kochbuch".  This is where families can get involved:  each German club student will bring in one or more traditional German recipes.  If Mom's and Dad's or grandparents have some to share, that would be fantastic!  Students can also find out lots of information for this project on the internet, which we will be utilizing in the classroom.  Be sure to check out the following site for lots of information on German recipes.

Thank you to the Carlson family for loaning a great-looking cookbook to our cause!  If other families or extended families have something to share for our "Klassenzimmer Kochbuch", we would appreciate having a glance.  Thank you :-)

NO VOCAB QUIZ until after Spring Break, however, I have placed our Zweite Stufe vocabulary list and games below for practice!

EXCITING UPDATE!!! Anke Lewar, 24-year-old German national will be coming to our classroom for a visit and helping us make German Pfannkuchen (pancakes).  All German classes will be held Monday the 13th of March in the old home ec room.  Bring your taste buds!  Parents, please let me know if you are interested in visiting our class that day.

If you know someone or if you are someone who can share your experiences/skills/interests with our German Club or German classes, please e-mail Frau Crow.  Thank you!

Grueese Studenten und Eltern!  Wir werden QUIZ Kap. 6, Erste Stufe an den .14 Maerz machen!  Das heisst, Dienstag!

UPDATE:  Spring (Fruehling) Break (Pause)will be the 15, 16 and 17th of March, 2000.

MSU Foreign Language Fair:  13 students from our German classes have been selected to participate on Thursday, March 30th in the Minot State University Foreign Language Fair.  Contests include writing, culture bowl (3 students representing Glenburn have been chosen), and a fun skit ("Du, du liegst Mir im Herzen").  These participants will get to hear Madeliene Pfeiffer, German exchange student from the Berlin area, and have an opportunity to ask her questions.  We will leave the school at approx. 11:30 a.m. in the school van and will return at approx. 5:00 p.m.
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