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Salvete, Discipuli!

Stay tuned to this web page for information on homework assignments, Latin Club activities, interesting web sites on the Romans, and games in Latin!

        Agite gaudio semestre!


1. The Latin Club will hold its first meeting of the year on Wed. Sept. 20th at 2:40 pm in room A138.  Officers for the new year will be elected.  The trip to Richmond in November will be discussed.  Anyone interested in joining the Latin Club is encouraged to attend!

2.  Effective immediately there are 2 new web pages for ghs latin classes.  This web page will continue as the information page for all Level I classes.  Students in Latin II should log onto our new website by adding the numeral 2 after the 'ghslatin' portion of the web address, and Latin III students should do the same , adding the 3.

i.e  Level II:
     Level III

NB:  An updated list of chapter derivatives is located at the bottom of this page!!

Homework assigned 10/11 and 10/12:
Ex. 6b, p.34.

Homework assigned 10/9 and 10/10:
Ex. 5d, p. 27.

Homework assigned 10/5 and 10/6:
Ex. 5c, p.27.

Derivatives for Ch. 6:

Derivatives for Chapter 4:  Derivatives for Ch. 5
-dormitory                  -auxiliary
-audition                   -frigid
-infirmary                  -error
-terrify                    -timorous
-amatory                    -erratic
-descendent                 -erroneous
-propinquity                -temerity

Derivatives for Chapter 2:  Derivatives for Chapter 3:
-amicable                   -laborious
-agriculture                -solo
-brevity                    -clamorous
-temporary                  -irate
-current                    -horticulture
-tandem                     -deride
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