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Classes, we have had some technical issues. Remember you are never graded on behavior, but only the realization of our projects. However, behavior while I am gone will be visited with your parents upon my return tomorrow. I hope that I will have only good news for them. Please show P.R.I.D.E. even if some others are not.

All of the computers have been reimaged and should make things alot easier today. Please check out the following options as listed below...

You may also do any of the websites that are listed below... they will be updating and changing throughout the day...

You may not use Pandora or Playlist while I am gone. Any that ignore this will have parents contacted and lose the right to use it in my class when I return beginning tomorrow.

If you choose Option 3-Flash please be aware that I wanted you all to work on some flash projects that I had for you, but unfortunately, I only have CS5 flash on the computer that I brought hom and it is too advanced to be seen by our own MX2004 which makes wonderful flash, but is at a different level than mine. You are however able to do the tyedyed butterflies under our very own Flash Tutorials in the Technology Web Portal. Just remember when making the two wings and the body, please put them on separate layers. Also don't forget to make only one wing, then copy, flip and paste onto a separate layer so they match exactly. Then you can follow the tutorial of how to tye-dye the wings.

Be good and show Tiger P.R.I.D.E...

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