girlspenems Mrs. Turiczek
North East Middle School Physical Education Instructor
Hi girls!
The month of September has gone fast.  Everyone has been working hard with conditioning and their fitness tests.  We have had a lot of records broken.  Check them out, new records have an * by the year.
6th grade records:
pull-ups 18 Laura Jeffery 1999
curl-ups 70 Ashlee Steger 2000*
70 Marissa Triana 2000*
Sit & Reach 12.5 Kaylie Larson 2000
Shuttle Run 9.4 Rose Hurn 1999
9.4 Laura Jeffery 2000
Mile Run 6:42 Laura Jeffery 2000
Arm Hang 42 Erica Brown 2000*
7th grade records:
pull-ups 15 Jana Lilly 1996
curl-ups 82 Jana Lilly 1996
sit & reach 13.5 Tracey Waselewski 2000
shuttle run 8.9 Taylor Henry 1996
mile run 6:53 Laura Jeffery 2000*
arm hang 40 Alisha Haibach 2000*
8th grade records:
pull-ups 16 Courtney Lander 1996
curl-ups 80 Jana Lilly 1997
sit & reach 14.5 Renae Post 2000*
shuttle run 8.7 Siarra Cornelius 2000*
mile run 6:17 Sheila Hunt 1999
We are currently in our lacrosse unit.  All classes have finished with skills and are beginning games.  Don't forget the quiz on lacrosse will be coming soon as we bring this unit to a close.  If you are absent, make sure to pick up your study sheet.
Keep smiling and keep exercising!
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