gjmorris Mr. Morris
Charles E. Gorton High School Gorton H.S. ESOL Teacher
October, 2000

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to the Gorton H.S. ESOL Web Page!  Here you will find important information about our classes in English for Speakers of Other Languages.  I will also post announcements about school programs and activities here. For example:

There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, October 9, in honor of CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS.

All parents and students should know that Tuesday, October 31 (Halloween) is NOT a school holiday.  Also, NO costumes or any other Halloween symbols are allowed at Gorton High School.

Beginning ESOL students have three classes of ESOL with me every day, so they can learn English as quickly as possible. Intermediate students have two daily classes of ESOL.  Advanced and Transitional students have one ESOL class AND one class of regular English.  All students go to class with English-speaking students for their other subjects (math, history, etc.).

Students may come to me for extra help almost any day after school by appointment.  They may also use our class library and computers to do projects or homework for ESOL and other classes. I can help students with most subjects, not just English.

You may contact me by calling the school (see the number above); leave a message and I will call you back.  If it is very important, you may also call me at home before 10pm: (914) 235-1416 or e-mail me at ESOLGeorge@aol.com

I hope that this is a happy, successful school year for all of us!


George J. Morris
ESOL Teacher

P.S. For parents who speak Spanish, Portuguese, French or Italian:
Yo hablo espanol.
Eu posso falar um pouco de portugues.
Je parle francais un peu.
Io posso parlare un po' d'italiano.
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