Johnson 4A
O'Loughlin 4A
Welcome to my 5A Quia page! Please practice the following activities to sharpen your skills!Strengths and Weaknesses
My Quia activities and quizzes
Weather Review
Animal Characteristics & Life Cycle Review
Unit 1 Week 1 Selection Test
The Scientific Method
Electricity and Magnatism
Prefix/Suffix 4th grade
Types of Rock
Types of Sentences
Colonial America: Intro, Lost Colony, Jamestown, Plymouth
Chapter 8 Revolutionary War
Chapter 9 Revolutionary War
Simple Machines Test
Space Test - 5th Grade
Scientific Method Activities
Sentence structure practice game
Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences
Chapter 1 Social Studies Review
Chapter 5 - NE Region Test Review
Chapter 6 - Southeast Region
Chapter 7 - Midwest Region
Chapter 9 - West Region
O'Loughlin 5th Grade - Explorers
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