global9 Global 9 Regents Review
Welcome to the Global History 9 Review

The activities available on this page will cover mainly Global History 9 information.

Since the Global Regents that students must take in 10th grade covers both 9th and 10th grade material, and 9th graders must take a Global final exam, reviewing the 9th grade material will be helpful to both grade levels.

The activities are designed to review information such as:

* Vocabulary
* Important People
* Dates
* Important events

More activities will be added during the months of May and June in order to cover as many topics as possible.

**ALso check out the DBQ Links listed below plus other Global Quia activities already posted.

Good luck with all your finals and Regent exams.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Global 9 Vocabulary (A, B, C)
Global 9 Vocabulary (C &D)
Global 9 Vocabulary ( E - M )
Global 9 Vocabulary (N - Z)
Global 9 Important Terms, Events, Phrases
Latin America History Challange Board #1
Latin America History Challange Board #2
Ancient Times
Latin America
New 5/28/00
S.E. Asia
New 6/5/00
Useful links
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