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John F. Kennedy High School
What do you know about ISLAM?

Who was Mohammed?  When did he live?  How did he get the idea for a new religion?
Where is Mecca?
What do Muslims believe?
Is Islam monotheistic or polytheistic?
What city is sacred to Muslims, Jews ANDChristians?
What does Islam have in common with Christianity?  How are they different? 

What other questions can you think of about Islam and the "Islamic World?"  Can you list ten questions?

Read Chapter 11, The Islamic World

The main themes for the chapter are:

Geography: Why might a region with vast geographic diversity and a reliance on trade develop great cultural diversity?
ReligionWhat impact might religious values have on a coun try's culture, politics, and law?
Cross-cultural Interaction:  What are some ways that a people might spread its beliefs and customs to other regions?

Each section begins with "Focus" questions.  Read them!  They really will help you to think about the right things while you are reading!

Jot down any new vocabulary (including definitions).  What you read won't mean much if you don't understand the words you are reading, right?!

Were any of your questions answered?

What new questions do you have?
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