Español III
Groveport Madison High School

I would like to give a big "GRACIAS" to all of you for making my last year (hopefully not) at GMHS so memorable.  I will miss you all!

Don't forget to check your results page after 10am tomorrow for your updated exam grade!  I will be rechecking your typing, spelling, accents, etc. to award additional points.  Plus... I will add in your notebook check bonus!  =Þ

¡Buena suerte!
Sra. V  :)

MIÉRCOLES, 30/V/2012
1º:   10:00-11:00
3º:   11:04-12:04
5º:   12:08-1:08
7º:   1:12-2:12

JUEVES, 31/V/2012
2º:   10:00-11:00
4º:   11:04-12:04
6º:   12:08-1:08
8º:   1:12-2:12
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