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Welcome to the Fairview French I Page!

Please use the games and exercises on this page to practice and check the progress you are making in class.

Each time you use these various games you will increase your
knowledge of the French Language and your ability to participate in a positive manner in class.

These activities have been created to help you study for quizzes and tests specifically for this class.

I hope you use this page often.  Please let me know you have practiced outside of class by sending me an e-mail each time
you use the site.

Have fun!!

Madame Youngs
My Quia activities and quizzes
Cultural Review Unit 1 French
Au cafe, 2002 lesson 10
Leçon 10
bleu L. 11 dialogue - (copy)
Bleu-L. 11 -
Bleu-L. 11-Vocabulaire - (copy)
Bleu-L. 11-Vocabulaire - (copy)
leçon 11
bleu L 12 dialogue - (copy)
leçon 12
leçon 12
Leçon 12
Leçon 13
Leçon 13 #2
Leçon 13 #3
lesson 13
Leçon 14
1st page of er verbs
1st page of er verbs
1st page of er verbs
1st page of er verbs
Bleu-L. 15-Les Verbes en -ER
Unité 3 leçon 7
Common ER verbs
leçon 16
Leçon 16 bleu
My room vocabulary
Lesson 17
leçon 17
Leçon 17
Lesson 17
Common ER Verbs
Common ir and re verbs
Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee Past Participle Practice!
HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Basic French Vocabulary
Use this to review before traveling to a French speaking counry
Irregular Past Participle Practice
Get really good at those past participles!
Le passé composé - (copy)
La Soirée
Christmas Fun
Le passé composé - (copy)
Le Passé Composé - (copy)
Le Passé Composé
Learn verbs which use être for the passé composé
Past participle practice for the passé composé
Passé Composé Review - (copy)
Passé Composé Review - (corrected) - (copy)
Lesson 21
Lesson 21
lesson 21 additional voc
lesson 21 additional voc
Slippery Rock Adverbs
En Route A
En Route B
Slippery Rock Adjectives to Adverbs
Vocabulary practice for Slippery Rock
Bleu-L. 21-La ville et la maison
Bleu - Unité 5 Révision
Bleu - Unité 4 - Révision
Bleu- L 18 Grammar Sections D - F ( 30 items )
France and the French-speaking world.
Bleu - Tous les verbes irréguliers du livre
Bleu- L 23 Let's conjugate Venir ! 20 items
Bleu- L 01 accents
Bleu- L 29 - 31 Test ( 85 items)
Bleu- L 20 General Quiz 30 items
Bleu- L 17 Vocabulary: Part B
Bleu-L. 23-Jouer à / Jouer de
Bleu- L 16 Vérification de connaissances ( 25 items )
Leçon 5 vocab
Bleu- L 17 Vocabulary: Part A p.139 + Supplementary Vocabualary
Irregular futures
Tapis Volant 3 Chapter 2
Vocabulaire : talking about time
French III Chapitre 14
NYS French Proficiency Earning a Living
Encore Tricolore 2 Unité 1 - Talking about the future
Unité 3 leçon 7
A la fête d'Halloween
NYS French Proficiency House and Home
AV3 3-1 Vocabulaire des activités domestiques/asking/giving permission
French 2 Vocabulaire Ch 2
Activités ménagères
Bleu leçon 1
Jeopardy-Vocab review
Bleu - Leçon 18 - le singulier et le pluriel des substantifs
Bleu - Leçon 18 - Les articles
Bleu- L 18 Grammar Sections A - C
Bleu-L. 13-Activities
Bleu-L. 14-Vocabulaire - (copy)
Bleu-L. 14-Subject pronouns - (copy)
The Verb Etre
leçon 15
Bleu-L. 15-Practice your vocab and -ER verbs! - (copy)
Lesson 15 verbs and vocabulary
Bleu-L. 16-Faire
Lesson 8
lesson 8
Months of the year grade 6 French
lesson 8
Lesson 8
Lesson 8
Lesson 8
Unite 3 - (copy)
Lessons 5-8
Days, Months and Seasons
Bleu, Unité 3, Leçon 7
DF BLEU: Unité 3, leçon 5, Millionaire!
Millionaire: Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire?
3 Review - Verbs!
Discovering French Bleu: Leçon 17 - A: La description des personnes 1
Adjective hangman
Bleu-Unité 4-Review - (copy)
Discovering French Bleu: Leçon 18 - B: Pluriel
Regulary ER verbs
Avoir or être ?
Unit 1 Lecon1 - (copy)
Blanc - Leçon 7 - Le passé composé du verbe aller
Jeopardy: Basic French Practice
Avoir or être ?
Adjectifs (French forms) MILLIONAIRE
Unit 2 Lessons 3 and 4 Review
1 - Unit Review
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