Garwood Middle School Foreign Language Instructor
Dear Seventh Grade French Students and their parents,

Welcome to the Seventh Grade French Web Site.  I hope you have as much fun using the following activities as I had when creating them.

Each time you play these games you will be gaining extra knowledge of the French Language.  This will enable you to participate more in class, and get better grades!

Let me know that you have practiced outside of class by sending me an e-mail.  All you need to do is click on the
blue writing at the top of the page where it says send e-mail to Madame.


Have fun, and mail me!

Madame Youngs

My Quia activities and quizzes
Bleu-L. 1-Accents - (copy)
Bleu-L. 1-Conversations - (copy)
Les Numéros
Lessons 1 & 2
La rentrée
Lesson 1
Les Numeros
Lessons 1 & 2
Practice your spelling here!
Lesson 3
Numbers, greetings, feelings
Lesson 4
Telling time
Lesson 4
Important time and number expressions
Cultural Review Unit 1 French
Review for the unit 1 test here.
Lesson 5
Start here for lesson 5
Leçon 7
Lecon 7
Lecon 7
lecon 7
Lesson 8
Lesson 8
Lesson 8
Foods lessson 9
Leçon 9
Leçon 9
Leçon 10
Lesson 10, au cafe
Au cafe, 2002 lesson 10
leçon 11
bleu L. 11 dialogue - (copy)
Christmas (French)
Christmas (French)
Christmas (French)
Marvelous Mystical Magical Mardi Gras Scavenger Hunt
Unit 1 useful words and expressions
Bleu- L 29 - 31 Test ( 85 items)
Bleu- L 17 Vocabulary: Part B
Bleu- L 16 Vérification de connaissances ( 25 items )
Leçon 5 vocab
Bleu- L 17 Vocabulary: Part A p.139 + Supplementary Vocabualary
Irregular futures
A la fête d'Halloween
Bleu leçon 1
Bleu - Unité 1 Challenge Board
Lesson 2
Bleu-L. 14-Subject pronouns - (copy)
The Verb Etre
Leçon 2
Unit 1 Lecon1 - (copy)
Leçon 3
Leçon 3 +
Unit 1 useful expressions
Lecon 6
Blanc - Leçon 7 - Le passé composé du verbe aller
Jeopardy: Basic French Practice
Useful links
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