gmsreading Mrs. Ellingsen
Griffin Middle School French and Reading Teacher
Dear 7th grade reading students and 8th grade Literacy students:
  Today is Tuesday, October 31..  In Literacy we are
completing a project using powerpoint presentations. They will be finished this Thursday. Each one of you has been assigned a teacher new to Griffin to interview for WGMS. 
The preliminary interviews should be completed by 11/10.
We will begin a novel study on "The Incredible Journey" Monday, November 6th.
    7th grade reading students had a substitute today
in class.  They took a practice spelling quiz to prepare
them for tomorrow's real quiz.  They read pages 45 and 46
in their Literature books.  And they did a "paperplate
project" on the word love, which connected with what they
read in the Literature book.  Their only homework is to
study for tomorrow's spelling quiz.
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