gmstechs Ms. Wheeler
Gompers Middle School Technology Coordinator
Attention Student Techs!

Gompers Middle School
Web Page Contest!

Would YOU like to be a Webmaster?!?!
Want to be FAMOUS and have YOUR web page on the Internet?

Then you need to enter GMS WebMania!

You may submit a Web page entry in any or all of the following categories:

Support Staff
School Map
Class of 2000
Special Programs
Math Department
Science Department
Social Studies Department
English Department
Physical Education Department
Elective Department
ESL Department
Special Education Department

Keep these things in mind:
1. You must complete an entrance form for EACH page you enter
2. Your web page MUST contain each of the items listed on the entrance form
3. Your web page will be automatically thrown out of the contest for ANY incorrect grammar or spelling.
4. You MUST indicate the source for each of your graphics or photos - Your web page CANNOT contain any copyrighted material/photos/graphics.
5. Five judges will evaluate your web pages according to the criteria indicted on the entrance form.

Ask Ms. Wheeler for the entrance form(s) for each web page!

The deadline for your completed entrance form is Tuesday, April 4, 2000 at 3:00.

The deadline for your completed web pages will be:
Friday, April 7, 2000 at 3:00.
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